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Our Mission:  Charles and Bess Kirby have spent 56 years in pastoral ministry, pastoring some of the fastest growing and largest Nazarene churches in the denomination. The last 19 years were at Lake Gibson church in Lakeland, Florida that experienced incredible growth under their leadership. It is obvious God had a plan for them from the beginning in 1961 to resurrect, restore and bring healing to declining churches across America. Every church they have pastored has needed restoration. That has been their ministry from the beginning.   Click here for highlights of their ministries.



The next SINGING AT SEA Cruise will be January 21-26, sailing out of the Port of Tampa one more time.

Registrations are pouring in fast, with over half the ship already filled, leading to another sold out ship. We will be the hosts at least one more year, and invite you to sail with us on the best Christian cruise available. Cruise brochures are at the welcome center in the lobby of Lake Gibson Church, or we will mail them to those that request them. Please call us at 1 800  519-3342. Once again 25 Gospel singing groups, along with 4 outstanding preachers will be featured, with Dr. Jerry Goff as master of ceremonies once again.


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Blog # 54 APRIL 14, 2018



I have never seen a black preacher preaching with their shirt tail hanging out. It is ingrained in them to honor the Lord’s Day and His Church by dressing in their Sunday best. The pulpit area is treated as holy ground to them, and they refuse to desecrate it with their clothing.

You will never see an attorney going to a trial, standing before a judge and grand jury, in blue jeans. Every one of them will always be dressed in a coat and tie that honors the dignity of the United States court system. Furthermore, local, state and national judges always wear a robe.

The ministry is the highest profession in the land, when, hopefully, a God- called minister of the Gospel proclaims the Word of God. It is my firm conviction that the sacred presentation of God’s Word from the pulpit area of a church should be presented with holy reverence and respect with the proper attire. If a court of law with attorneys and judges wears clothing that magnifies their office, how much more should preachers become good representatives of their calling and position. It is very difficult for me to hear what a preacher is saying when he is dressed in blue jeans with his shirt tail hanging out. I think they show a lack of wisdom and respect for the Gospel and their ministry. I know one young preacher in his 30s that made this statement to the church board that was interviewing him, “I will always wear a coat and tie here because I want all the people to know who the pastor is.” I say a big “Amen” to that preacher. Wouldn’t it be great if other preachers would show the same wisdom and respect for their calling and ministry as this young pastor?

Respecting the God-called ministry and the Gospel,

Charles Kirby


Charles Kirby

Toll free Phone #: 800-519-3342



Blog # 54   APRIL 14, 2018




I’m a Mississippi girl!  Born in Greenwood, raised in Houston.  My family consisted of both parents, 2 sisters, and one brother.  My parents have passed away; they’ve joined their parents, my one deceased sister, other family members; and, they are waiting for the rest of us just inside the gates.

Charles and I have made our way to Mississippi to visit my remaining dear sister.  Not only is she very smart; she is also a devout Christian.

As you are reading this, we may be at Moore’s Restaurant enjoying some of the best ever fried whole catfish. It is always a must when we go to Houston.  Or we could be travelling to Jackson, TN, to visit Charles’ Mom’s and Dad’s graves, the old churches where his grandparents and parents went, the old homeplaces (if they are still around), and his cousins and high school friends.  What fun we will have.

Another great place to eat in Houston is “My Friend’s Place,” named that because of the owner’s great Friend, Jesus.

I’m pretty sure I’ll get to see my brother while there. I sure love my family.  Love to visit them. So thankful that God planned for families; planned for marriage. Maybe we could stop right now and start singing Bill Gaither’s song, “I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God.”

     Enjoying this journey as we visit family and friends;

     We have these moments; I want to make them count! 


Toll free Phone #: 800-519-3342


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