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Our Mission:  Charles and Bess Kirby have spent 56 years in pastoral ministry, pastoring some of the fastest growing and largest Nazarene churches in the denomination. The last 19 years were at Lake Gibson church in Lakeland, Florida that experienced incredible growth under their leadership. It is obvious God had a plan for them from the beginning in 1961 to resurrect, restore and bring healing to declining churches across America. Every church they have pastored has needed restoration. That has been their ministry from the beginning.   Click here for highlights of their ministries.

Dr. Charles Kirby

Blog # 50   MARCH 17, 2018


I have taken what they have said to me with “a grain of salt.” However, I have come to the point of agreeing with a multitude of people. While I was pastoring Lake Gibson Church these people would make their comments to me in notes, usually with an offering, and with e-mails. These came from people that worshipped with us through the internet. Until I started experiencing what they described to me in their communication, I did not understand, nor could I identify with them. It has taken me almost a year to completely understand what they were trying to tell me. I am very sorry that I have come to the place that I now have to agree with them.

Real worship should give everyone present in the service the opportunity to be involved in the congregational singing. I have come to discover that is not so in the majority of churches today. As a matter of fact, Bess and I have found that most people attending church today are spectators and not worshippers. Since our retirement, we have attended a great number of churches from all denominations, usually a different one every Sunday, and they are all the same. We can count on one hand, probably three fingers, the exception to our discovery.

In our church shopping, or you might want to say, church hopping, only three of these have a choir. Praise teams are now taking the place of choirs. Former choir members tell me, “Since they have disbanded the choir, I have no place to use my God-given talent.” Many of these people are no longer attending church.

It has been my sincere belief and ministry philosophy, THE MORE PEOPLE THAT ARE ON THE CHURCH PLATFORM, THE MORE PEOPLE WILL BE IN THE PEWS. Through the years, with few exceptions, I have proven this philosophy to be absolutely true over and over again.

Every Sunday I am discovering the only people in worship centers that are really singing and worshipping are the members of the praise teams. Congregations as a whole, just stand without participating, while others just remain seated. The only people that appear to be enjoying worship are members of the praise team. Most all of them sing chorouses I have never heard and repeat them over and over again. It is very rare if a hymn is ever sung. If it does happen, it is amazing how the atmosphere of the service changes as people start singing. Every time this happens, I ask myself and Bess, “Why can’t these people wake up and see what is happening, and the difference in the worship?"

I admire Gerald Wolf of the group Greater Vision for his Hymn Sings he is hosting across America. It really is a great experience to attend these events! The place is alive as the big crowds participate with grateful praise to the Lord God! It reminds me that the words of these great songs were inspired by the Holy Spirit  just like the Word of God. It saddens me to admit it, but it is so true, the younger generation of today is really missing out. Most all of them will never learn and know the words of these great hymns of the faith.

Dear Lord, please have mercy on your Church in these last days!

Charles Kirby

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Bess KirbyBlog # 50   MARCH 17, 2018



God has provided for all of us, a blessings bucket.  I’m wondering this morning, do you know where the bucket is?  Do you know what’s in the bucket? Are you aware of God’s goodness, His mercy, His favor, His amazing grace?  I could go on and on; but it’s your time to “Count your many blessings, see what God has done.”

“When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed; when you are discouraged, thinking all is lost, count your many blessings - name them one by one - and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.”

Barbara Johnson, author and inspirational speaker, in her book, “Joy Breaks,” tells about the time she bought some new make-up.  The sales girl told her that if she would drop a single BB in the bottle and shake it before each use, the make-up wouldn’t get thick and gooey. (Yes, a BB!) So she asked her husband for one BB.  Of course, he wanted an explanation. She gave him the explanation; yet, she wondered if the BB would do the trick.

A day or so later, her husband brought home a huge plastic carton.  Inside were 10,000 BB’s. “They only come in tens of thousands,” he told her.  She smiled appreciatively and took ONE.

Many moons and much later, she saw THAT PLASTIC CARTON full of 9,999 BB’s laying on a shelf in the garage. Inspiration flooded her mind as to the magnitude of the number of them; as she thought, how much it’s like God’s riches, His blessings.  They are as the sand of the sea. They are new every morning. They never run out. The bucket always overflows. She thought, “We have more than enough. We have more than we’ll ever be able to use.” We have forgiveness, grace, mercy, love, protection, hope, blessings, supply, rest, help, abundant resources just waiting for us to use.  And yet, we let them sit in the plastic carton out in the garage; or, let them stay closed up, recorded in God’s Holy Word.

A word to the wise should be sufficient.  If life gets gooey, stale, stressed to the max, we have NO EXCUSE; because, God’s blessings bucket is available.  It overflows. There’s a blessing for every need, every circumstance, every situation. Remember the widow of Zarephath; her oil and flour were about to run out...BUT IT DIDN’T!  When you live in obedience to God, the jar of oil NEVER runs dry; and, the bowl of flour NEVER becomes empty.

So, to finish off this analogy, put some BB’s (God’s riches, His blessings) in your circumstance; in your stressed day.  Mix them up and see what God will do! He will make a way where there seems to be no way. Great is His faithfulness.

  Getting my 9,999 BB’s out of the garage and keeping them close,

  As I  reach into God’s Bucket of Blessings.


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