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The next SINGING AT SEA Cruise will be January 21-26, sailing out of the Port of Tampa one more time.

Registrations are pouring in fast, with over half the ship already filled, leading to another sold out ship. We will be the hosts at least one more year, and invite you to sail with us on the best Christian cruise available. Cruise brochures are at the welcome center in the lobby of Lake Gibson Church, or we will mail them to those that request them. Please call us at 1 800  519-3342. Once again 25 Gospel singing groups, along with 4 outstanding preachers will be featured, with Dr. Jerry Goff as master of ceremonies once again.


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Blog # 60 MAY 26, 2018.





When Bess and I arrived at our Tennessee mountain home we were shocked to discover they had taken the cross down. This cross had been there for a long time, and had greeted thousands of travelers as they traveled toward Gatlinburg, with the words “Risen Savior.” It was no easy task to remove the cross. It was made of concrete and rested on a concrete base, the last remains of the cross. We passed back by later and watched them bulldoze the base and move it away. It was a sad sight for Bess and me.

In blog 22 Bess wrote about three crosses, that included this cross, that led to our cabins. Just like she wrote in her blog, the way of the cross really does lead home! The song writer was inspired to write these words.

“I must needs go home by the way of the cross; there’s no other way but this. I shall never get sight of the gates of light if the way of the cross I miss.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a fact. The only way for all of us to get to heaven is by way of the cross. I am positive the day will come when the people responsible for removing the cross on U.S. Highway 321 in Cosby, Tennessee, will one day run to the cross of Jesus, if they haven’t already, and plead for the mercy of Almighty God. I really do hope they will not be too late to make it to heaven.

On Sunday morning May 20, Bess and I had an incredible experience. I was invited to preach at the new Restoration Fellowship Church of Lakeland. I was amazed with the outstanding crowd, on the third Sunday of the existence of this brand new church, in a beautiful 500 seat high school auditorium. There were 1,100 views of the video on Facebook in the week following the service. I will write more about it in my blog next week.

God is still on the throne!


Charles Kirby

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Blog # 60   MAY 26, 2018



When I think of the mighty acts God has done down through the ages as recorded in the Old and New Testaments, in the lives of the patriarchs, I AM AWED.  I AM AMAZED. I AM SPELLBOUND. I AM FILLED WITH WONDER. I AM FILLED WITH EXCITEMENT. We, you and I, serve an amazing God. He is able, more than able, to meet your and my every need.

       Remember in the O.T., to name a few…

1. God gave instructions & strength to Noah to build an ark and thereby save himself, his family, and two of every sort of living & creeping thing from flood waters. Gen. 6:9-22

2. God put a rainbow in the sky, establishing His covenant with Noah, his descendants, & every living creature so that it would never again flood to destroy the earth. Gen. 9:11

3. God provided for Abraham (age 100) and Sarah (age 90) to have a son, Isaac, through which God’s covenant was established. Gen. 17:17-21

4. God used Joseph (sold into slavery) to interpret Pharoah’s dreams, and eventually to help his family. Gen. 37-47

5. God brought victory. God used people and things. Remember Moses, the Pharoah of Egypt, the 10 plagues of Egypt, the crossing of the Red Sea, the miracle of water at Marah, Quails & Manna from Heaven, & water from the rock, as God brought His people from Victory to Victory, from Miracle to Miracle.  

Remember the victories in the N. T., and be blessed.

6. Jesus fed 5000 as He broke the 5 loaves and 2 fish.

7.  Jesus walked on the water, the Sea of Galilee.

8.  Jesus fed 4000, breaking 7 loaves & a few little fish.

9.  Jesus rose from the dead!  Resurrection power!

10. Jesus healed blinded eyes; He made the lame to walk; the deaf to hear; the dumb to speak.

11. Jesus healed the centurion’s servant; raised a widow’s son; healed a Demoniac; healed a woman with an issue of blood; raised Jarius’ daughter; restored a deformed body (Luke 13:11-13); cleansed a grateful leper; healed a crippled man by the Sheep gate; raised Lazarus; a lame man was healed; imprisoned apostles were freed; paralyzed healed; Dorcus restored to life; Peter freed from prison.

12. Jesus helped disciples bring in a full net of fish; He served them breakfast. WOW!

In my spirit, I’m singing,

“Be not dismayed whatever betide; God will take care of you.  Beneath His wings of love abide; God will take care of you. Through days of toil when heart doth fail, God will take care of you; When dangers fierce assail, God will take care of you. All you may need He will provide; God will take care of you. Nothing you ask will be denied, God will take care of you. No matter what will be the test, God will take care of you. Lean, weary one, upon His breast, God will take care of you.

God will take care of you through everyday, over all the way. He will take care of you. God will take care of you.” Civilla Martin,1904

Our God has an awesome track record.  He cares for you. Don’t be afraid, only believe.

Take time to read the first 18 verses of Exodus 15 where Moses and the children of Israel are singing, celebrating God’s deliverance.  Awesome power is exhibited. Nothing is impossible with God.



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