Blog 103 for 3-16-2019






Dr. Jerry and little Jan Goff were our special guests for worship on Sunday, March 10, at Restoration Fellowship Church in Lakeland. Bess and I enjoyed our time with them afterwards over lunch.


Dr. Jerry is having some major physical challenges with his heart and really needs the prayers of God’s people. Both he and little Jan have been used of God in ministry across America and in other countries.


In 1972 at Tidewater Central Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we met Jerry for the first time when Jerry and the Singing Goffs were featured in a service. They started that service coming down the center aisle blowing their trumpets, playing “At The Cross.” I remember the hair stood up on my arms as I and all the congregation were electrofide by the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit!


We have watched and enjoyed the ministry of Jerry and little Jan through the years and have become dear friends. Please join Bess and me with your prayers for them at this time.





The changes in our world since my ordination as a preacher of the Gospel of my Lord in September of 1963 are perplexing. Through the years I really didn’t think much about world conditions and happenings. Major tragic events have always seemed to occur in distant places and not in America. All of that began to change with 9/11. Since then we have been in a downward plunge even in the land of the free and home of the brave! At this present time our nation is divided by strife and hate unlike any other in my lifetime. We are witnessing more hatred in American history toward our president. Politicians and the media have ganged up on him, even though he has accomplished more in a little over two years than other modern-day presidents. I continue to ask myself, where does it all end?


Aside from world and national concerns are the happenings in churches and individuals. Churches and pastors are refusing to proclaim and stand on the Word of God! Individual lives are broken and hurting. Professing Christians are imprisoned spiritually, physically, emotionally, maritally and financially. It is a fact, we are living in the last days! Our Lord said that just prior to His return, the days and times would be like the days of Noah and Lot. We are there at this present time! Jesus could come for His followers at any moment! Are you ready for His glorious return?


Jesus is coming back to this world again!


Charles Kirby







Blog 102 for 3-9-2019





It is a fact of life. All of us face a prison of one kind or another from time to time. It will try to lock us in with despair and defeat without an escape. A few days ago three circumstances  put me imprisoned. One concerned a car, another involved a garage door opener, and the third involved America. Let me explain.


I was driving one of our cars to the bank when it lost power and stopped running. It would not start, so there I sat in prison on a busy street. AAA came to my rescue and took the car to Grants Auto.


At 4:00 a.m. on Friday, March 1, I was awakened with the sound of our garage door opening. I knew the sound, and it was unmistakable. Bess was asleep and did not know what was happening. I leaped to my feet, and slipped to the entrance to the garage, forgetting I had a gun next to my bed. I cracked the door, and saw the garage door was wide open. By this time Bess awoke and came to see what I was doing, looking at the garage. Someone had caused us to be in prison in our own house by mysteriously opening the garage door.


The continuing saga of our nation tries to keep me in prison. Liberal and socialist politicians are trying to lock us in to a philosophy that will destroy America. I know there are no tears in heaven, but a few days ago our dear Lord surely felt like weeping. I am sure His heart was broken when He watched the leadership of the Democratic Party unanimously approve the murdering of babies outside the mother's womb.


How much longer is God going to tolerate the wicked disobedience of God’s Word by America’s leaders and people?  It appears now that the only thing that will spare us from the prison of evil we are witnessing will be the return of our Lord for His Church! I agree with John the Revelator who wrote in Revelation 22:20, “Even so, come Lord Jesus!”


My Lord has a powerful message from Philippians 4 to me and to all His followers. It is leaping out of me as I write these lines. His message is this: “YOU CAN TURN YOUR PRISON INTO A PALACE!” The Lord willing, I am planning and preparing to preach it Sunday, March 10, at 10:00 a.m. at Restoration Fellowship Church of Lakeland.


Jesus Is Coming!


Charles Kirby






Blog 101 for 3-2-2019




It all began in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where I became the pastor of Tidewater Central Church on September 13, 1970. It was a time for buses...15 bright red buses in a tremendous outreach ministry bringing in an average of 450 to 500 people to church every Sunday. To this day it remains one of the most exciting miracle times in my pastoral ministry! During this dynamic time, hundreds of individuals came to know Christ as personal Lord and Savior, and a host of families were transformed. What a sight it is going to be to see all of the faces when I get to heaven!


There were two boys from two wonderful families, the Howards and Davenports, in the church. These boys were four years old at the time. Frank and Stewart developed a love for me as their pastor. As a matter of fact, I became a “Hero” to both of them. They wanted to be like me. Frankie, as he was called then, wanted his hair to look like mine and Stewart wanted to dress like me. It was very funny, yet very heart warming for me.


During my time as pastor Frankie developed acute leukemia. The doctors and medical staff gave him no hope to survive. A mighty prayer army was formed that refused to surrender to defeat. When I flew to the hospital in New York City to see him, I knew there was a miracle on the way! When the doctors acknowledged an amazing miracle had actually happened, and declared Frankie healed, there was rejoicing greater then any I have ever witnessed! Today Frank is a walking miracle and works with the FBI. He calls from time to time after watching me on the internet and reading Bess's and my blogs. 


Several days ago Frank called me about his close friend Stewart, and asked for prayer for his healing. He told me about his brain surgery that was scheduled the next day in Norfolk General Hospital. After he and I had talked for awhile about some precious memories that we hold dear to our hearts, I called Stewart, who was at home awaiting the major surgery the next day. We spent some time to get reacquainted, since we hadn’t talked in several years. To say the least, he was very concerned about his surgery since the doctors had said it was very critical. I reminded him of Frank’s great miracle healing. I said to him, if God did it for Frank He could do it for him. He did agree, and then I prayed. I really did feel God the Holy Spirit anointed my prayer, and my faith for Stewart was strong!


Stewart’s surgery was successful. The doctors were pleased, and Bess and I kept praying. We talked to the family several times, assuring them of our prayers for a miracle healing like Frank's. However, God had other plans for Stewart, and called him home on Thursday, February 21. The celebration of his life will be on Saturday March 2, at Tidewater Central Church.


I have thought several times about two 53 year old friends of mine. Why did God heal one at 4 and not heal the other at 53? That is another question we will have to ask our dear Lord when we get home.


All things do work together for good to those that love the Lord!


Charles Kirby

Blog 103 for 3-16-2019




Today as I write this blog, I could cry my eyes out, if it would do any good. But I have found, having lived 80 years, and been through a lot of challenges, that crying doesn’t change the disaster, the heartbreak, the struggle.  Crying will not change my circumstances. So, what am I gonna’ do…


  1. Sing in the rain.

  2. Praise God anyway.

  3. Meditate on God’s Word.

  4. Pray to the Lord.

  5. Play the piano.

  6. Hug Charles.

  7. Read the Bible.

  8. Read song lyrics.

  9. Hold my chin up.

  10. Keep on keeping on.

  11. Take a walk.  Breathe fresh air.

  12. Count my blessings.

  13. Turn my prison into a palace, as Charles preached Sunday.


Oswald J. Smith & B.D. Ackley wrote a great song, “God Understands.”  Some of the lyrics are these:


“God understands your sorrow. He sees the falling tear; God understands your heartache.  He knows the bitter pain; He understands and cares.”


Phyllis Michael & John W. Peterson wrote a great song, entitled “God is There.”  Some of their lyrics are here:


“When I need a Friend to tell my troubles to, God is there; When I need a Friend to give me strength anew, God is there; When I need a Friend to care when I’m distressed, God is there; When I need a Friend to guide me through the night, God is there; God is there, always there, with a helping hand to lift my load of care.  When I really need a friend, God is there.”


What about you? Have the pressures of life overwhelmed you? Do you feel like crying?  Well, may I present to you Jesus. He will come through for you. He will lift your load.  He will comfort you. He will aid you. You can count on Him. Yes, you can put one foot in front of the other.  You can keep on, keeping on. Wow, what a great Friend we have in Jesus.


Thank you, Jesus, for being my best Friend.








Blog 102 for 3-9-2019



Part II

“Giving roses while you live”


If you read last week’s blog, you know that I gave out my lifetime fan awards.  When I started doing this, I realized that I am a fan of thousands of Christian women who have impacted my life through my days.  They may have been part of our church congregations through the years. They may have been internet viewers, whom I have never met personally, but have been touched by an email, a prayer, a phone call, or a letter.  They may have been neighbors, associates, relatives, and friends outside the church body. I know there is no way I can remember them all and give them a personal “fan” award.  But, to the “unnamed,” let me sum it up this way. They all receive my “Jewel of Great Price” award, along with my imaginary bouquet of roses.


As we have walked together in a time zone of God’s own choosing, you have nurtured me, cared for me, helped me, blessed me, and I have become one of your biggest fans. With imaginary roses, I hereby present to…


  1. Linda Gorby, the “Sacrificial Love” lifetime award,

  2. Sue Price, the “Dedicated Warrior” lifetime award, 

  3. Jane Smithson, the “Workman That Needeth Not To Be Ashamed” lifetime award, 

  4. Ruby Felker, the “Dependable Church Organist” lifetime award, 

  5. Jan Hill, the “Love The Preacher’s Kids” lifetime award, 

  6. Shirley Cassel, the “Hilton Head Entertainer” lifetime award, 

  7. Arveta Brown Pitts, the “10 Little Indians Champion” lifetime award, 

  8. Frances Putman, the “Sweeter As The Days Go By” lifetime award

I am blessed to have known you all.








Blog 101 for 3-2-2019


The Bess Kirby FAN Awards

Giving Roses while you live!


Do any of you take “The Singing News” magazine?  Well, the latest one begins to inform us fans that it’s time to vote for our favorite singing group and favorite soloist in the different singing parts, such as soprano, tenor, alto, baritone, bass, lead, etc.  Also, there are awards to be given to the favorite songwriter of the year, pianist, artist, traditional quartet, musician, favorite song, album, band, male quartet, song of the year, trio, young artist, and maybe more.  These fan awards last for a year; then we start all over again voting for our favorites for the next year. It’s interesting that some favorites get the award year after year after year. That’s the kind of awards I’d like to give out this year; ones that last for a lifetime.  This doesn’t mean that I can’t add others to my lifetime fan awards. I’d like to give some roses while I live.

We have always enjoyed this magazine.  It keeps us abreast of the groups that we know and love; as well as, introducing us to new groups. Because of Saturday and Sunday Nights in Lakeland, we know so many of the groups personally.

Both Charles & I come from musical families.  Charles’ father played the guitar and sang bass.  His mom sang and played the accordion. His sister, Diane, sings and plays beautifully having taken many years of piano lessons. My mom sang and played the piano.  In fact, my dad attended a revival as a young man; and, who should he meet there but my mom, playing the piano for the revival. All four of their children sing, and three play the piano. So, because music has been such a part of our lives and love, you could have found us through the years, singing as a trio or in the church choir, going to singing schools and learning to read shaped notes, taking band, piano, and voice lessons, and going to concerts.

The big news in the March issue of the “Singing News” magazine is this: It’s time to vote for your favorite group, etc.  All of that to say, it’s time for me to vote for some of my very special lifetime FRIENDS. I’ll call this, the Bess Kirby Fan Awards.  In these awards, you don’t have to be a singer or musical at all, you just have to be a precious friend of mine. I’m the fan. You get the lifetime achievement award.  To -


Carol Justice, “His Hand extended” Award

Nola Kenwright, “Actions speak louder than words” Award

Peggy Dawson, “Love your neighbor as yourself” Award

Vickie Haas, “No distance is too great” Award

Lois Sampson, “Give and it shall be given unto you” Award

Barbara Shell, “You can count on me” Award

Cindy Stutz, “Bloom where you are planted” Award

Jan Goff, “Singin’ in the Rain” Award

Kitty Sweet, “Gentle spirit; open arms” Award

Doris Walden, “I will not forget thee” Award

Charlotte White, “Encourage one another” Award

Linda Aycock, “Through thick and thin” Award

Lois Masse, “Thy Word have I hid in my heart” Award

Patti Pennington, “I feel a little shout coming on” Award


I’m so thankful for God’s people and special lifetime friends.  There are many more.