Blog 104 for 3-23-2019




It all began on November 4...the interim preaching pastor ministry at Restoration Fellowship Church of Lakeland. Time waits for no one, and now Bess and I are in the home stretch with only four more Sundays left in this ministry. It really has been a very gratifying experience for us. During this time we have been able to view up close and personal the ministry of a brand new church. To say the least, since May 6, 2018, it has been a miracle ministry with amazing growth spiritually, numerically, and financially. It has been exciting to view it all first hand since I first preached at the new church on May 20, 2018. Under the leadership of Darrel Gash and Jon Betz the unity and harmony of this almost eleven-month-old fellowship has been tremendous! I see and feel the excitement of the people ev

ery Sunday as they arrive for worship. To add to the expectation, a new lead pastor has been chosen. Pastor Terry Wilcox, the pastor elect, will preach his first message as pastor elect on April 28. He is a very good choice by the congregation to assume this new leadership position.


The response to my messages the last two Sundays has been very encouraging and heart warming from those in attendance and others watching the services through the internet. I am very grateful for the emails across America, Canada, and other countries expressing their appreciation. Many of these have followed my ministry for several years. It continues to speak volumes about this incredible outreach ministry that really is world wide.


“PAUL’S FOUR GREAT KEYS FOR SUCCESS” from Philippians 3 is my message for Sunday, March 24, at 10:00 a.m. It will be transforming because it is directly from the Holy Scriptures.


The best is yet to come!

Charles Kirby

Blog 104 for 3-23-2019





It’s been fun for me, giving out fan awards to so many friends.  And, I’ve not finished yet. Friends are one of my magnificent blessings from God, as are dear family members. I’m blessed beyond measure.  Throughout this year, off and on, I plan to pass out fan awards in my blogs. Keep reading, you may be next. Or maybe, you’ve already been awarded; and, you’ll have to look in the archived blogs for your award.


You are the “Super Star.”  I am one of your many fans.


To my Dad and Mom, Gus and Mildred, and Charles’ Dad & Mom,    Lee Olan & Pauline, the lifetime “Good Example, One & Only, Loving Parents” Award


To each of my Sisters, Gwendolyn & Mildred, & Charles’ sister, Diane, the lifetime “No. 1 Sister Sibling Friendship” Award


To my Brother, Fred, the lifetime “No. 1 Brother” Award


To my Husband, Charles, the lifetime “No. 1 Guy” & “Only One For Me” Award


To my Son, Chuck, the lifetime “No. 1 Son” & “Free Spirit” Award


To my Daughter, Micki, the lifetime “No. 1 Daughter” & "Energizer Bunny” Award


To each of my Grandsons, Kyle, Cody, Michael, Chase, & Tyler, the lifetime “No. 1 Unique Grandson & Sweet Spirit” Award


To each of my In-Laws, Robert, Jo, Diane, Bob, Kaye, the lifetime “Top Notch” Award


To each of my Nieces and Nephews, Angela, Mille’, Rachel, Jamie, David, Nathan, Amy, Tyler, the lifetime “Standing Strong” Award; and to all the Spouses, the lifetime “Great Partner” Award


To each of my Great-Nieces & Great-Nephews, Melissa, Will, Katy, Trey, Rachel, Louden, Caleb, Luke, Seth, Logan, Ashlee, Connor, the lifetime “Make The Days Count” Award; and to the Spouses, the lifetime, “Good Partner” Award


To each of my Great-Great Nieces, and Future Great- Great Nephews, the lifetime “It’s Your Time To Shine” Award


Should there be any family member that I’ve left out of my fan awards by mistake, be it known to all men, their lifetime award is “You Are Special, Too.”


Portions of Genesis 12: verses 1,2,3 “Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee…..unto a land that I will shew thee: and I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee…..and I will bless them that bless thee…..and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”


                                         Blessed beyond measure,