Blog # 63  JUNE 16, 2018



Reviewing the blessings of a wonderful father makes me realize how rich I have been all my life. The benefits have been more than I can count. I am so grateful to my Lord for giving to me such a priceless gift.

Lee Olin Kirby was raised on a farm in the Bear Creek community near Pinson, Tn. He was blessed with Godly parents who taught him Godly principles that were passed down to Diane, my sister, and me. My dad had a heart for God that influenced everything he did. This made a great impact on my life. He had a kind and tender spirit that guided his life. I never once saw him mad or lose his temper when I may have thought he had a reason. This really became a great example for me.


My dad loved to sing. He was an excellent bass singer, and sang in the Compton Quartet’s weekly Sunday morning broadcast  on WTJS radio out of Jackson. As a young man he was in great demand singing and playing his guitar in concerts around the area. His friend, Eddy Arnold, begged him to teach him how to play the guitar, and the rest is history. Without a doubt in my mind, Dad could have been a Grand Ole Opry star like Eddy, because he had the talent and personality. He could make the guitar talk with his picking, and had no time for those that drummed the instrument. I have often thought what my life would be like if dad had chosen the Grand Ole Opry route.


At this special time of the year to honor fathers, I challenge every dad to be a man and father after the heart of our heavenly Father.


It is an honor to be a father!

Charles Kirby



Blog # 63  JUNE 16, 2018



My Retired “Working” Man


Living in a Florida condo can spoil a person.  There’s not much outside work to be done. It’s all done for you; no mowing, no cleaning out the gutters, no outside painting, no cutting/trimming trees, just to name a few.

Living in the the a small community does not provide those services.  And the above jobs are just a small sampling of the many jobs on the mountain man’s list. So I “hired” me a working man!!!  And he’s a good one.

A man’s work or a woman’s work is never done in the country.  There’s mowing in the summer, trimming & cutting trees, painting decks, doors, picnic tables, etc., cleaning out gutters, watering and fertilizing plants, repair items, replace broken & worn out items such as fireplace screens, new flooring, new bedding, new appliances, some new furniture, and lamps.

I could go on and on.  You live life, too; and, you know the unexpected challenges that may occur any day. Keeping a place up requires a lot of work and of course, some green stuff.

So why is all this work reason to say “Happy Father’s Day” to a wonderful, hard-working, retired man?  Well, because I don’t have to do it all and he does a great job and he seems to love it. I have much for which to be thankful.  Keeping 2 rentals “up to snuff” is a forever job.

To honor my retired “working” man, I share these pictures with you so you might see him doing some of these jobs.


    Thank you, my love, for all your labor of love.

                  Relaxing in the mountains, because Charles works!!!