Blog # 51 MARCH 24, 2018


Blog # 51 MARCH 24, 2018


    Another beautiful season of the year is upon us.  Oh, how lovely is God’s creation. How lovely is His order...are His seasons.  Spring inspires us to open doors; breathe fresh air; listen to the robins sing; take a walk, view the budding trees, bushes, and flowers.  Spring puts the desire in us to plant something...more flowers or a veggie garden. Oh what joy Spring brings.

    Spring invigorates us.  It makes school students long for classes to be over, school to be out.  We are restless. Some would call it “Spring Fever.”  New life springs up everywhere.

    Spring is a beautiful picture; an illustration of God’s Redemption.  We were dead in the cold snowy Winter of sin, but made new, made alive in the colorful, flowering Spring of atoning blood.

    Why not plug in your vocal microphone and sing the song of Spring.  It’s a new day, a new season! He’s alive and I’m forgiven. Heaven’s gates are open wide.  He’s alive. He’s alive!


                                           Dying to LIVE,