On this Monday, February 11, 2019,  after another record breaking Sunday at RFC in Lakeland, I am still recovering from my battle with Satan in the pulpit at the 10 a.m. service on February 10. I am sure most, if not all, of those present witnessed it.

Bess told me when we got in the car to leave.... she sure did! I told her I knew the reason. My message was an invasion into Satan’s territory when I preached on “darkness” from John chapter 11. It has been years since his attack has been that vicious on my mind and preaching. On Sunday, February 17, I plan to come against him again when I preach on “Christ Is The Answer In Our Death” to close out the series on “Christ Is The Answer In 2019.” I sure will be grateful for the prayers of God’s people.











Blog 99 for 2-16-2019




Duane Kendall and his wife, Eileen, from California, are in Lakeland for a visit, and will be at Restoration Fellowship Church on Sunday, February 17. Duane is an outstanding pianist.  For several years he was the pianist for Jim Bohi, an incredible gospel singer. They traveled together across America ministering in concerts, revivals, conventions and camp meetings. Duane will be featured at the organ in the 10:00 a.m. service.



Duane is the webmaster for CHARLES KIRBY MINISTRIES.COM. Before we retired from the pastorate at Lake Gibson Church, Duane served faithfully and effectively as the webmaster for the church for several years. He donated his time as his ministry for his Lord.


Duane was responsible for airing the three week-end services on the internet during the season. It became a world-wide ministry with viewers from across America and in other countries of our world. It was not unusual to have 2,000 viewers. It was thrilling for me to receive weekly emails and notes of appreciation for this outreach ministry. A wonderful group of people made decisions for Christ during the times of invitation that were given in all the services! I have often thought how exciting it is going to be when I will have the opportunity to meet these redeemed souls when we all get to heaven!


Serving as the webmaster for CHARLES KIRBY MINISTRIES.COM  Duane devotedly and faithfully helps Bess and me with our weekly blogs. It goes without saying, Duane makes it all happen! There again, he calls it his ministry. His sweet wife, Eileen, sacrificially gives Duane to us to spend untold time on the phone. What a team they really are!


Duane and Eileen, welcome back to Lakeland and to Restoration Fellowship Church of Lakeland for the very first time!


Charles Kirby


Blog 99 for 2-16-2019




Good morning, or is it midday for you, or even, evening?  Whatever time it is for you, I send you greetings. Please accept my thanks for visiting me through my blogs.


I read yesterday on Facebook, a post that our special friend Neal Putman shared.  Not sure, as I write this, who authored this information, but I know I didn’t. I liked it so much that I hurriedly wrote it down and wanted to share it with you.


It reminded me that Men of the Bible whom I call great, were mere humans; made mistakes, had personality problems, committed sins, had issues, maybe too old, maybe too young, maybe too short, maybe to tall.  Should I encounter great Women of the Bible, I would discover much the same. They are human, also. So am I.


I’m so thankful for the SLEEPLESS grace and love of God!!! I’m so THANKFUL for the all-time, undisputable, undeniable, Champion of LOVE. HE forgives our past, redeems us, fills us, and sets us on a course to do great exploits for HIM.


Here is what I wrote from the Facebook post. “Jacob was a cheater; Peter had a temper; David had an affair; Noah was a drunk; Jonah ran from God; Paul was a murderer; Gideon was insecure; Thomas was a doubter; Elijah was moody; Moses stuttered; Zaccheus was short; Abraham was old; and Lazarus was dead; Miriam was a gossiper; Martha was a worrier; Sara was impatient; and Mary Magdalene was a hooker.”  The post concluded by saying, “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.” Aren’t you glad? Maybe God is calling you today. He will equip you. He will help you. He will go with you. You can count on Him. Our God is an awesome God.


Loving Him more every day, I am