Blog 241 for NOVEMBER 27, 2021





Sixteen years ago this past September, Bess and I began a wonderful journey in the beautiful Tennessee mountains.  Our Lord helped us to purchase two beautiful cabins, located on almost two acres of land on Majestic View Way in Cosby, Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Floyd, owners, made it all possible with a short-term loan. What an exciting journey it has been! For the last three and a half years, we have been “Snow Birds,” spending six months at our cabins and six months at our beautiful condo in the Lakeland, Florida, area. 



Owning the cabins for sixteen years has kept us very busy. Bess has worked to keep them up to date and beautiful. As a result, the people that have rented the cabins have given us a “Five Star” rating. Our Lord has blessed us with an outstanding schedule of renters through the years. Without a doubt, Bess has been responsible for much of the results. 



During the years I have kept my chainsaw ready and willing. It has seemed to me that trees and tree limbs grow faster in the mountains than at other places. I am now admitting that I took too many chances climbing trees and cutting limbs. I really am grateful for my Lord’s blood covering and protection. For two years after I retired from the pastorate, I  did the mowing of the grass at both cabins. I called it my fitness center because it really was a workout on the slopes of the hills. 


When we began another new spring, summer, and fall season on May 1, we had no plans for a sale of our two cabins and property on Majestic View Way in Cosby. However, the Lord has worked in an amazing way for the sale of our property.  


The official closing of our two cabins and land was on November 15. Bess and I are convinced that our Lord made it all happen. Ken and his brother Kelly Bellerose are the new owners of the property. “TheMajesticView.Com'' and “AMajesticView.Com'' now form a beautiful piece of property consisting of three cabins and land. Bess and I are wishing the new owners great success now and in the future.

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Charles Kirby




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Blog 2410 for NOVEMBER 27, 2021





Have you ever said, with frustration, “It never ceases…”?  What about other statements or questions like, “When will all this be over?”  How much more can I take?  Where is God?  Why doesn’t He help me?


Frustrations are everywhere today.  If not in your house today, perhaps some other day. Thanksgiving day and the Christmas season are not exempt. The stresses many of us face often pop up on unexpected days. The devil is at work.  He is out to destroy anyone & everyone. Don’t let him have you. Don’t let him take away your confidence and joy.  Hold to God’s unchanging hand.


Christian songwriters have expressed GOD’s help, in the time of our needs, in this way.


  1. God is in every tomorrow.

  2. Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there.

  3. HE’s as close as the mention of HIS name.

  4. Standing somewhere in the shadows you’ll find Jesus.

  5. God will take care of you…thru every day, o'er all the way.

  6. Even in the valley, God is good.

  7. From sinking sand, HE lifted me…from shades of night to planes of light, HE lifted me.

  8. Jesus will walk with me down thru the valley…when in the shadow or when in the sunshine, if HE goes with me I shall not complain.

  9. My heavenly Father watches over me.

  10. God understands your sorrow, your heartache, your weakness; HE sees each falling tear…HE understands and cares.


Why not sing a “love” song to JESUS.  HE’s our best friend. He walks our journey with us.  He understands and cares. “Oh,yes, HE cares. I know HE cares.  HIS heart is touched with my grief.  When the days are weary, the long night’s dreary, I know my SAVIOR cares.”





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