Blog 213 for MAY 8, 2021 






At this Mother’s Day season, I am reminded that Godly American mothers, through the history of the United States, have been the strength of our nation. There is no greater weapon to mold our society than Godly mothers with a heart for God! My prayer, in these last days, at this beautiful time of the year, is for our Lord to raise up more mothers that will impact and save America.


There have been two women in my life, from birth to the present time, that have impacted my life. The main reason for their influence and impact, is their Godly walk with the Lord God, and unreserved commitment to His holy will for their lives.


In the long challenge of a stuttering, stammering tongue, my mother, Dorthy Pauline Bell Kirby, kept praying and encouraging me. She knew God had called me to preach, but I could not because of my impediment. She would say to me that God was going to heal me! She was in the crowd when I preached my first message in my home church. Without a doubt, she was the happiest person that witnessed the miracle of Divine healing when I spoke for the first time in public, without stuttering or stammering. It was obvious that God had given me that miracle that she had prayed and believed would come to pass in God’s time!


My wonderful wife, Ferial Bess Pearson Kiby, has been a rock in my life and in the lives of my two children, Charles Jr. and Micki Cherie. I am convinced she was called  by God to be a pastor’s wife. Everyone that really knows her, I am sure, would agree with me. Her Godly and prayerful walk with her Lord, has been the greatest influence in my life through our years together. She has been a beacon light through some of our most challenging assignments in the pastoral ministry. Her prayer life has been a force God has used in the lives of women, where we have served across America. She has never encountered an enemy, but is loved by all people that have come to know her through the years. 



I pray that God’s love, mercy and grace will be with all mothers that will read these lines during this very special season of the year. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you! You are a special creation by our Lord!


Charles Kirby




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Blog 213 for MAY 8, 2021 






“Ditto, ditto, ditto” is all you need to know if you live with Charles Kirby.  Here’s my story. One morning recently, as I hugged Charles and massaged his back I told him that I loved him.  And he said to me, “ditto, ditto, ditto!”


Did you ever think that the word “ditto” was part of our “love” language?  Well, you better remember, just in case someone is speaking that language of love to you!


Some of the benefits of “ditto” are:

  1. It is the aforesaid thing.

  2. It shortens the conversation, and...

  3. It saves your vocal chords.


When Charles got up that morning, he didn’t give it a thought that his words would be so memorable!  So I leave you with this admonition. “Think before you speak” or “Say it like it is” or “Mean what you say / say what you mean” or “give roses while we live” or “Laughter is the best medicine.”


I sure love this Man of mine!  


Enjoy Sandi Patty/Jessy Dixon singing, “Love In Any Language Frequently Spoken Here.”



Bess Kirby




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