Blog 151 for February 22, 2020




Psalm 3 is a tearful little Psalm where a father, King David of Israel, found a place of help and consolation concerning his rebellious son Absalom. The key for David in his deep sorrow is also the key for you and me. When we find ourselves in the valley of despair and depression, we must resort to God. 


“But You, O Lord, are a shield for me.” He got the Lord between him and his circumstances. There is nothing else subtle enough to defeat us. Our circumstances are so invasive and so immediate that only God can come between us and them. But when God gets in between us and them we are immune. “Though a host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear.”


“But You, O Lord, are my glory.” That is an honor that need never be stained. My worldly glory can throw mud, and my poor reputation is gone. It seems there is always somebody ready to believe it! But my glory with God, and in God, man’s mud cannot touch that fare fame. Even David’s own son cannot defile his resplendent robe. 


“You are the lifter-up of my head.” The flower is blooming again! In the Lord’s presence, we recover our lost spirits. “He restores my soul.” Now my head shall be lifted up above my circumstances round about me. Today if you can identify with King David’s circumstances, do what he did...Resort to God. It really is your key to triumph and victory.


My God shall supply all of my needs!


Charles Kirby


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Blog 151 for February 22, 2020





  1. Who declared Naphtali, “a doe set free”?

  2. Who helped Apollos in certain aspects of his understanding of the gospel?

  3. Who was the straight shooter that helped Josiah when all Israel was in a tight spot?

  4. Who refused the invitation to wed Merah?

  5. Who risked punishment by defying the king’s orders and letting her son live?

  6. Who was the world’s first victim of violent crime?

  7. Who suffered much and needed a kinsman-redeemer to care for her?

  8. Who was with Judas and the party seeking to arrest Jesus as He prayed in Gethsemane, whose ear was cut off?

  9. Who is the archangel who fought the devil over the body of Moses?

  10. Who was a precursor of the kind of faith it would take to follow Christ and was also a foreshadowing of the kind of redemption that God would provide for His people?


You have your work cut out for you.  Anyone who wants to complete this, click here and send it to me, I will post your name in my next blog.


Now enjoy this YouTube video of “Somebody Bigger Than You and I.”



Enjoying the journey; hope you are too!  








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