Blog 187 for October 31, 2020







Everyone that goes out to eat with Bess and me when we are in the Smoky Mountains, knows our favorite restaurants are The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge and Carver’s Applehouse in Cosby. Both of these are very popular and always busy. The thing that makes The Old Mill extra special is that we usually do not have to wait in the long lines to get seated. We have developed a friendship with those at the front desk in charge of the seating and Derreck, the born-again manager. When they see us arrive, they get us a seat very soon. That is a very wonderful thing, especially when the wait sometimes is 45 minutes to an hour. On top of all of this are the menu and the food. Bess and I usually split a meal since there is an abundance of food on each order. Our favorite choice is southern turkey and dressing with country green beans and mashed potatoes. There is always so much food in this order, that we cannot eat it all. Usually, we take two slices of turkey home with us. I have failed to mention the delicious corn chowder and corn fritters that go with each meal.


Carver’s Apple House is only about 10 minutes from our cabins. Apple fritters and apple juice are a special prelude to a wonderful meal if you choose to order them.  All of their menus are excellent, but Bess and I have two very special favorites. We think the fried chicken fingers are the best we have ever eaten. Since they come with six fingers, we split them, and usually add a salad, that makes for plenty to eat. The other choice we love is outstanding fried catfish. There are always two large pieces with each order, which makes for a wonderful meal. By now I am sure all of you are getting hungry, so come on up or over, and we will go out to a wonderful restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal with great fellowship.


Tuesday, November 3rd, is the most important election in our lifetime. At stake is the nation and America we have come to love. I never dreamed we would ever come to this time in our nation’s history. May our Lord prevail, according to 2nd Chronicles 7:14, and save us from the liberal and socialistic takeover of our tremendous land of the free and home of the brave! If people would vote according to God’s Word, we could transform our nation. Solomon said in Proverbs 14:34 “Righteousness exalts a nation.” God will never exalt any nation that aborts babies and allows same-sex marriages! Professing Christians that vote for liberal Democratic politicians will have to answer to Almighty God! Solomon goes on to say, “Sin is a reproach to any people.” How can we expect not to be a reproach to God if we allow the ungodly to rule?


Dear Lord, please save America!


Charles Kirby 








Blog 186 for October 24, 2020




Recently a Scripture that I had passed over, leaped out at me. I have no idea how many times I have read it through the years without a special impact. However, as I was celebrating my birthday a few days ago, the Holy Spirit really ministered to me. The Scripture is Ephesians 5:8. “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.” That really is a transforming Word!


I have almost learned one thing in life, and that is that the process of learning to live is exciting. Life is tremendous! It is a fact, we never stop growing until we stop learning. People who are learning this simple truth will grow old, but never get old. If we become a real student of learning to live, then life will be tremendous for us! Let me, or I should say, let the Holy Spirit inspire you with three things.


  1. Learn To Live With A Positive Attitude

You can condition your day in the first 5 minutes after you wake up. Your attitude will bring you success or failure. Our world is one of beauty and excitement. We need to love it and its people!


  1. Learn To Say Something Positive To Everybody All The Time

We have to determine that 99 percent of our conversation will not be negative. Nothing brightens the atmosphere of a business, a church, or a home, like positive enthusiasm.


   3. Learn To See Something Positive In Everything That Happens


We have to determine that our minds will not jump quickly to negative conclusions about things we see or hear. “Did you hear what they said about you?” The boss may call...what is the first response? “Great! He wants to give me a raise! Or what did I do?” 


Life really will be tremendous if we do learn how to cultivate positive attitudes in everything that happens to us!


Something is just now exploding in my mind. I am challenging everyone that reads this blog to join the LIFE IS TREMENDOUS CLUB. I am convinced we will make a difference! 


We really can change our world!


Charles Kirby 


P.S. Please do not fail to vote Biblically.

Evangelical Christians are the Keys!







Blog 185 for October 17, 2020





It is hard to believe we are in the middle of October. Time has passed so fast I just realized I have not given an update for some time on my physical challenges. Many have reminded me by asking how I am doing. I do apologize for failing to keep you up to date.


We have been at our cabins since July 20 after I finished my 37 radiation treatments in Lakeland on July 17. The radiation therapy I experienced at Watson Clinic Cancer Center was excellent. I have been doing great the past three months here in the Smokies. During this time I have had no special physical challenges. My energy level has been excellent. I know the reason for the tremendous results. It all goes back to the incredible prayer army that has surrounded me. All of our friends that have been in the area and joined us for lunch have been amazed! To God be the glory and honor. I do give Him all the praise!



It is obvious this is going to be a wonderful year for the mountains to be ablaze with color. As a matter of fact, we just might be at the peak of the season now. We get inspired looking out our big picture window in the Stargazer cabin looking at the beauty of God’s marvelous creation.


Bess and I are very concerned about the direction our country is going at the present time. It appears we are going to need a miracle to save us from the most liberal government in American history. Every morning in our prayer time we are claiming 2nd Chronicles 7:14 to save us. Our Lord is speaking and says,


“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land.”


I really do believe our future is in the hands of an all-time record turn out in the upcoming election. Please make sure you vote. Be sure to vote Biblically. 


Dear Lord, please save us from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!


Charles Kirby 








Blog 184 for October 10, 2020




My coming birthday in the middle of this month reminds me of my preaching preparation. It all began when I started preaching to the cows from the barn when I was a kid. My cousin Nona Faye and I would play church in the barn on our farm. She was the piano player for the church services and, of course, I was the preacher. The makeshift piano was a bale of hay and I constructed my pulpit from leftover lumber my dad wasn’t using. Playing church was our favorite thing to do in those days. I did not realize it then, but I really believe it gave me an opportunity to practice my preaching. After we sang songs from the church hymnal I would bring the message. We really did sing and I really did preach. We were serious about our church services. That was the beginning of my preaching style that has followed me through the years. I adopted the styles of preaching I copied from preachers I had seen. When a preacher would use motions I liked I would use them myself. It goes without saying, I really liked preachers with a lot of motions I could adopt. That is where the “Kirby Kick” had its beginning. 


I will never forget this happening that occurred when I was preaching to the cows from the barn. At the end of the pasture of our farm was a lane that people would use. At this particular time when I was preaching, a woman walking down the lane stopped to hear what I was saying. At first, it startled me, but then I got inspired to give the first invitation I have ever given. Who knows what might have happened at that particular time in my boyhood days and at my very first invitation?


Some people have sports stars they admire and some they might even worship. My heroes have always been preachers of the gospel. When I was traveling, preaching in church growth conferences across the country, I was always motivated by the Holy Spirit to help and inspire preachers. It really was a way I was multiplying my ministry. As a matter of fact, as I am writing these lines, faces of preachers are appearing before my eyes that responded to the invitations I have given through the years. What a happy time it is going to be when we all get to heaven!


I really do believe the best is yet to come!


Charles Kirby



Blog 187 for October 31, 2020



November and December 2020 Arrival


What a momentous time October 31 ushers in! This year, it adds our National Presidential Election.  And coming soon are Thanksgiving and Christmas, the most wonderful seasons of the year!!! Or what do you think... is it Springtime? How about magical Winter Wonderland?


As I think of this presidential election, I am so troubled with the anarchy, the looting, the riotous living, the killing, the disorder, the shuttered businesses, and the hatred of the races. Our country seems to be in ruins. The country is divided.  It appears that the U.S. CONSTITUTION is the dividing line. Others may say, that the dividing line is RACE.  Still, others will say, LEAVING GOD OUT OF OUR LIVES is where the division is. With what side have you aligned yourself?  Listen to Biblical truth. Matthew 12:25 “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation. And every city or house divided against itself will not stand.”


Who wants “to stand”?  Well, if you do, here’s what we must do.  It’s time for all hands on deck.  We must work the works of God who sent us.  We must be God’s soldiers in the trenches. We must pray and seek HIS face. We must walk humbly before HIM. We must repair what’s broken; bind up the bruised and watch God give sight to the blind, opening their eyes.


"Oh God, revive us in the midst of these years.  Revive our government leaders. Give us God-fearing leaders. May we seek Your Truth. Open our eyes, clear our minds, enable us to discern the truth. Expose, dismantle, and destroy the schemes of the enemy. We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places. Give us another opportunity to obey You and Your WORD.  Give us Christ Encounters that will be life-changing. Protect your God-fearing army with the blood of the LAMB. Thank you, JESUS.  Amen!"


Americans must vote. By all means, Christians must vote and must vote Biblically. We must do our due diligence on the candidates, what their positions are, and if they are in accordance with God’s Word.  As Patrick Henry said on March 23, 1775, in the second Virginia Convention debate,  “Besides, sirs, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us.  The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.”  Put on the whole armor of God as you go forward to serve the KING OF KINGS. You can count on Charles and Bess Kirby voting.  Join us as we, together with a multitude of others, vote to save our country.  May God heal our land and bless our nation. 








Blog 186 for October 24, 2020





That’s nothing new to you, I’m sure. For me, I can break the flight of time down to minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.  Here are some examples.


  1. Minutes…..I can call my daughter or sister on the phone and before I know it, I will have talked for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

  2. Hours…..We can be enjoying the day and “wake up” to the realization that it is 5 p.m.; the day is almost gone and so much left to do.

  3. Days…..We go to church on Sundays; our week has begun.  Then almost before we turn around, it’s Friday and “Sunday's-a-coming”!

  4. Weeks…..As I’m writing this, another month has just begun. And, already, almost 2 1/2 weeks have passed.  We’ve had dear friends visit from Virginia; others from Indiana. When you are having fun, you don’t count time. It passes so swiftly.

  5. Months…..And can you believe it’s about Thanksgiving? Not too long ago, January brought in 2020. Where have the 10 months gone? Charles’ radiation treatments have come and gone. Now we’re thinking about home and family, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

  6. Years…..When I was born in 1938, and early in my young life, NEVER, in a million years would my mind have conceived of the year 2020. Neither did 2020 enter my mind when I graduated from High School; nor during my college years; nor during our many pastorates. But the years kept passing away, and a NEW YEAR emerged every January 1. So Charles and I are enjoying the year 2020. Before we know it 2025 will have crept up on us, UNLESS Jesus comes back to earth soon.


In Matthew 16, the Pharisees and Sadducees are seeking a sign.  Jesus answered them in verses 2 and 3.  “ know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.”  Acts 1:7 says, “.....It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority.”  2Timothy 3:1 says “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come.”  Revelation 1:3 says, “.....for the time is near.” I think you can agree with me that TIME FLIES.  And “Signs of the Times are Everywhere.” What are you going to do with this truth?  Do you need to make your “calling and election” sure?  Please stop running away from God. Today is the day of salvation. If you hear HIS voice, harden not your heart.


 Enjoy the YouTube video of “Redemption Draweth Nigh” from the Bill and Gloria Gaither group, seven years ago.  I remember singing that song with a wonderful group of singers called the “Centralaires,” a musical group at the Tidewater Central Church of the Nazarene in Virginia Beach, VA, many years ago.      










Blog 185 for October 17, 2020



Our 5-STAR Cabin Rental Business


Our small cabin rental business is A GIFT FROM GOD,  How we THANK HIM for the original purchase, the learning years, the continuous renters, the many new and many repeat customers.  How we THANK HIM for funds to keep them up.  There are always things to do, products and equipment to buy, repairs and improvements to make. God has provided that extra income to do what’s needed.  He has provided the cabins for us as a place to vacation, to relax, to bask in God’s amazing creation.


Our renters have given us an abundance of 5-STAR reviews. Here is a sampling of what comes in on our VRBO/HomeAway site. In our Snuggled-In cabin, we have 60 reviews.


  • Our most recent review said it this way. “Beautiful cabin in the mountains, I loved staying in Cosby. The cabin and location were perfect. The property is very well maintained. We will be booking with the Kirbys again.”
  • Another recent guest, “Amazing views and very peaceful. Had an amazing visit at the Snuggled-In cabin.  Beautiful cabin and extremely nice owner and operators. Highly recommended.” 
  • And one more, “Greatest place to stay in the Smokies. Our renters were sweetie and told us to come to them anytime if we needed anything.  Our cabin was clean and easily accessible to any place we wanted to go. We definitely will be back. Thank You.”
  • And let me give one review of the 5 Star “Stargazer” cabin. Of course, we have plenty more. Just a portion of this one. “Absolutely loved it. This was an amazing experience. I am glad I got to spend time in the mountains of Tennessee!... I would definitely recommend using one of the Kirbys' cabins to anyone wishing to relax. The view is great and I loved being able to drink my coffee in the rocking chair each morning listening to the sounds of nature…..”


We purchased the two cabins 15 years ago, closing the deal in September.  Our business has grown in these subsequent years.  When we bought the cabins we only had a personal website, a list of previous renters, and ads in two community papers, one in Gulfport, MS, and one in the Birmingham, AL, area. Now we advertise on VRBO/HomeAway.  Word of mouth is also a good way to advertise. Our satisfied customers often tell their friends and family members. WE HUMBLY THANK GOD FOR THESE BLESSINGS. What a precious Friend He is.


We do rent year-round.  January and February are our least rented months. However, in 2020, we had bookings in every month of the year.  But due to the coronavirus, beginning in March and continuing into July, renters began to CANCEL their reservations.  Their money was refunded. But in spite of the cancellations, GOD HAS BLESSED US; and as there was “let up” in the covid-19 restrictions, new prospective renters began to call. So God has given us a good year.


We have renters from FL, GA, AL, MS, LA, TX, TN, NC, SC, VA, WV, OH, IN, IL, MO, MI, KY, NY, WI, MN, CANADA, and countries across the ocean...and perhaps some I’ve forgotten. We are SO BLESSED and SO THANKFUL. Hope you’ve enjoyed this information about our cabins; and, will enjoy “Thankful, So Thankful” sung by Triumphant Quartet, three years ago.  











Blog 184 for October 10, 2020



Yes, it was a happy day for a young married couple, when it was for certain that they would be having a baby. I’m just wondering, did Pauline want a girl?  Did Lee Olen want a boy?  Well, the suspense soon ended about 9 months later. The bouncing baby arriving on October 13, 1937, was a BOY!  He arrived, not in a hospital, but down a dirt road in the country at their farm home out from Pinson, TN.


The joy that surrounded that young couple was continuous. The baby grew; He learned; He walked in his father’s footsteps; which reminds me of the family story told and re-told, how baby Charles Lee, around 4 or 5 years of age, would often follow his dad when he was plowing the field.  On one occasion, his dad noticed that Charles, following behind, was attempting to step in the shoe tracks of his father. The story goes that God had a message for Mr. Kirby.  “Watch how you walk.  Your son is walking  in your footsteps.”


At about age 10, Charles was into playing church with his cousin, Nona Fay.  After picking apples and peaches from the farm orchard, he and Nona Fay would go out to the barn to play church.  Charles was the preacher; Nona Fay was the pianist.  All this brought joy to Lee Olen and Pauline, as they mused, “God has a plan for his life.”


Then at age 13, a great surprise came to Charles; a happy surprise to his parents, because their precious GIRL was born. Paula Diane bounced into all their lives, bringing more joy.


The years have come and gone. Lee Olen and Pauline are now deceased awaiting their resurrected bodies when Jesus comes again. Both their children serve God faithfully.  What a tribute to them.


With each birthday, Charles and I get closer to Heaven’s call.  What a day that will be. May our personal family circle be unbroken when we all sing around the throne, praising God throughout the endless ages.



I’d like to wish my dearest husband, Charles, the father of my children, A HAPPY BIRTHDAY, come October 13, 2020.


Joy just keeps on coming for the child of God. The L.O. Kirby Family had a multitude of “Happy Days.” You and I can, too. Enjoy “Oh, Happy Day” a Bill Gaither YouTube video, from the record, “Sing Your Blues Away,” three years ago. ​​​​​​









Blog 183 for October 3, 2020



I love the Fall season.  And, as the years roll on, I love it more and more.  The weather begins to cool down.  The leaves turn vivid colors. The hibernating animals move around, storing up food for the winter.  Wood is being chopped for fireplaces.  And in time, the remaining leaves begin to fall, as the winds whistle, preparing us for the Winter season.


Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 is great reading. Verses 1 and 2a say this. “To everything, there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die."


Winters can be brutal.  For sure, there is dying.  Plants die. The earth begins to look barren.  The weather turns cold. Temperatures can drop below zero.  Icicles on the trees and roofs, plus icy roads make the area look like a winter wonderland.  It can look beautiful, but can also be deadly.


2 Timothy 4:2 says, “...Be ready in season and out of season."


Spring unfolds its wings, planting seeds and bringing new birth. The empty trees begin to blossom with fresh green foliage.  Colorful perennials pop up everywhere.  Family gardens & orchards begin to produce fresh vegetables and ripened fruit.  There is nothing like the show and glow of God’s Springtime.


Spring turns to Summer; Summer to Fall; and Fall to Winter; the Cycle of life...A time to be born and a time to die.


Are you ready when death calls?  Are you prepared to meet God? Have your sins been forgiven and covered by the royal blood of God’s dear Son? Jesus, the slaughtered Lamb, slain for our transgressions, is coming back to earth again.  And it appears to be close at hand.  When the Lion of Judah comes as the King of Glory, will you be ready for that great day?  Please, please, I beg you, don’t put off your eternal salvation.  Come to Jesus now.  Be ready whenever He comes. “Be ready in season and out of season.” Serving Jesus is a joy-filled thing.  It’s the “Song of a Singing Heart.”  This song is written by John W. Peterson.  Please enjoy the Homer James YouTube video of this great song, originally released in 1966. 








Blog 182 for September 26, 2020




The United States of America is suffering.  In fact, the people-groups of our world are, also.  What are we gonna do about it?


  1. Harsh realities are dominating our lives right now.  Hatred, rioting, killing, fear, anxiety, loss of jobs, some schools still closed, destruction, harm, danger, scams, lies, sicknesses, loss of income, and sin is rampant.  All of these and many more are among the harsh realities we face every day.

  2. Questions come to our minds.  When will it end?  Is there a payday for the scammers, the rioters, the looters, those who destroy others' property? When will Covid-19 be just a sickness, a disease of the past with a vaccine for it?  What is the answer?  When will peace return?  Is there any hope?

  3. Franklin Graham is heading up a prayer march in Washington D.C. at 12 Noon on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020.  Those who can’t go, but know where  our hope, help, and answers lie, will you join Franklin Graham and others praying for our country?  Please pray.  America needs it. We, individually, need it.

  4. For certain, God hears and answers prayer. “Call unto me and I will answer and show you great and mighty things.” “If my people, who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will heal their land.”

  5. Please pray! Please pray! Please pray for America! She needs your prayer support. Pray for our national, state, and local leaders; for our pastors; for our church congregations; for our church boards/leadership; for our families. Pray for sinners. Pray that wickedness will be defeated. Pray for revival in this land. Pray for the sick. Just pray. Join Franklin Graham’s prayer march in your own homes on Sept. 26, 2020, at Noon. 
  6. Pray and Believe. Have faith in God and His Word.  Remember that “Prayer is the key to Heaven, but Faith unlocks the door.” God has a storehouse of miracles. They are ours, just for the asking and believing.  Enjoy OLD FRIENDS QUARTET singing “Faith Unlocks the Door.”   


May God revive America.  










Blog 181 for September 19, 2020






Are you a “plain Jane”?  You’ve heard that expression before, I’m assuming.  Maybe you’ve even been called a “plain Jane.” Well, that phrase seems to indicate that one is not much at which to look. Extending the implications, it could include unworthiness or valuelessness. But I have a different take. Read on…


One morning recently, I was flipping through the pages of God’s Word, when my eyes fell on a picture of three small, different size, plain clay pots. This picture was followed by a short article, entitled “Just Plain Jars." It stopped me in my tracks; for I had been listening over and over and over again to the beautiful and wonderful song, written by Gene Reasoner,  entitled “ He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away.” Since the lyrics concern broken clay pots, throw-away pots that are redeemable, marred vessels, this short article caught my attention.


That article reminded me that as humans, we are earthen vessels, PLAIN old clay pots as is recorded in Luke 4:7-9.  Listen to it. “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God and not us. We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed, we are perplexed, but not destroyed.”


The answer to our plainness, our depression, our depths of sin, our pig pens, our addictions, is GOD, Master Potter. We don’t have to stay a “Plain Jane” OR a “Plain Joe,” nor a broken clay pot, nor a marred vessel. Just call on HIS NAME.  The cast-out, the broken, the sick, the hurting, yes, even the prodigal can come home to the Father’s House, that is, the Potter’s House.


Bill and Gloria Gaither wrote that God can make something beautiful out of your life. Your hurting can be healed, your sin can be forgiven, your sorrow can find comfort, your mourning can be turned to joy, your darkness can become light, your impossibility can become possible. God knows the way out of the wilderness, all we have to do is follow Him, the Waymaker, the Burden Bearer, the Problem Solver, the Friend who sticks closer than a brother. Praise God for re-shaping your marred vessel, as you listen to “He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away,” sung by the Lesters, showing a picture of a vessel being shaped with the words, “Oh God, you are the Potter, I am the clay.”    I’m loving Jesus more every day.










Blog 180 for September 12, 2020




“Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow may never come, but we have this moment today.” (Bill and Gloria Gaither)


So, take courage. Do what needs to be done!


“God has not given us the spirit of fear or timidity, but of power…” 2 Timothy 1:7


So, go forth to battle in the power of Jesus’ Name.


God's not dead. He neither slumbers nor sleeps.  Psalm 121:4


So, night or day, He cares for you. He has you!


“God knows the way through the wilderness.  All we have to do is follow.” (Sidney E. Cox)


So, choose His way, His path, His plan; and follow Him all the way to victory!


“While it looks like things are out of control, behind the scenes, there is a God who has not surrendered His Authority.” (A.W.Tozer)




So, He was; He is; and He ever shall be, world without end. Amen and Amen!


“Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in Me. In my Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you; I will come again and receive you unto Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.” John 14:1-3


So, now is the time to make sure your heart is right with God.










Blog 179 for September 5, 2020



The skies may be overcast. The sun may refuse to shine.  And you may be sinking low.


The storm clouds may appear. The rains may fall. And you may cry a million tears.


The weeds may take over. The flowers may die.  And you may despair. The insects and animals may destroy the garden.  The food supply may vanish.  And you may break down. Yet...


God may walk right in, solve your difficult problem, and hear your cry.  And...


God may turn your deep mourning into great joy.


Our God is faithful. He will mend your broken heart. He will dry your tear-stained eyes. He will supply your deepest needs.  He will make a way for you.  



you can always count on HIM.


                                                 Written by Ferial Bess Kirby