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Blog 280 for August 27, 2022





My 56 years of ministry have been an exciting ministry in my pastoral career. My wife, Bess, has given me the idea to feature some “wow” moments in some of the upcoming blogs. To say the least, it is going to be an exciting journey in the next few weeks. 


In the early 70s, I was involved in the bus ministry that brought hundreds of people to my church at Tidewater Central in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We became the leader in outreach with 15 buses, averaging around 500 people every Sunday morning. As a result, I was called to speak on outreach attendance in churches across America. It was at this time that I was a featured speaker at the Nazarene General Assembly in Miami Beach, Florida. Our church kept growing and had to enlarge our educational unit to accommodate the growth. It became the most exciting time in the history of my church and my ministry. 


It seemed every church in the nation was trying to find buses to purchase for outreach evangelism, but they were hard to find. During this time I discovered Raleigh, North Carolina School District had a number of buses they had retired, painted white, and made available for sale. I was the only one in the area that knew about these buses, so I had my pick from a row of 20. I met with the man from the school district that was in charge of the buses and made him an offer. When I told him I wanted at least 10 of the buses, to say the least, he was in shock. I knew this was an amazing thing. The church board was not involved and did not even know what I was about to do. I didn’t even know where I could get $10,000. When I told the banker near my church about my challenge, he was really impressed and was willing to loan me the $10,000. To this very day, I am amazed at his action. My response was very had to be God. 


One of the happiest and most exciting “Wow Moments” came when all the pastors drove their white buses out of our parking lot with big smiles and happy waves. Oh yes, what about the banker? He was the “Wow Moment”!



Charles Kirby




Blog 279 for August 20, 2022





There is no doubt in my mind that my marriage to Ferial Bess Pearson from Houston, Mississippi, was a marriage made in heaven. I thought I was in love with a high school sweetheart when I first saw Bess in the college administration building lobby in Nashville in 1957. It was an immediate attraction for me. I really did like the looks of what I saw, and knew I had to get acquainted. Through God’s providence, Bess had her eyes on me even though I was not aware. To say the least, I was very happy when I made the discovery! It became easy for me to stop thinking about the sweetheart I had left behind in my hometown of Jackson, still in high school, when my focus had moved to Bess. 


It did not take me long to discover that Bess really had a wonderful relationship with God, and was totally dedicated to Him. Since I was preparing for the ministry, that was a very important factor in the life of the person I would choose for a partner in ministry. It became obvious in our very first church of 3 people that I had made an excellent choice. 


Bess had made a big revelation to me after we were engaged to be married, that she had never told me or anyone else, that she felt a very special call to ministry. From the beginning days of our ministry together, she had perfectly fit the mold of a pastor’s wife. Through the 56 years as a pastor’s wife, she has been a tremendous asset to my ministry. She developed a special ministry to women in every church where we have served across America. God has used her gift of compassion to encourage, bless and strengthen the women in every church. It is no wonder that Bess has been known as a model pastor’s wife. Every church has said she was the best pastor’s wife they have had through the years. It is a fact, that God knew what He was doing when He reserved Feriel Bess Pearson for me!


Without one reservation, I can say, whatever success I have experienced as a pastor through the years, Bess has certainly played a major role. I will forever be grateful to my Lord for the marriage He has reserved for me, really is a marriage made in heaven!


I am grateful to my dear Lord for my wife and wonderful help mate! 



Charles Kirby









Blog 278 for August 13, 2022





I really am a history buff. It all began with a teacher in high school. Ms. Williams planted seeds of interest in my mind that inspired me to continue this fascinating journey in college. It was there that I chose to take history under Dr. Homer J. Adams. His teaching on American history was outstanding, dynamic, and exciting! All of my fellow students and I were captivated by the teaching of Dr. Adams on American history. He really made it come alive in my mind. It is so sad that modern-day students are denied the opportunity to take a historical journey on the history of our great nation because of political correctness. 


Homer J. Adams. 1921-2020

When Dr. Adams taught about the Wilderness Road that led through the Cumberland Gap, I never thought I would one day spend several months close to this incredible place. Bess and I visited this amazing slice of American history several times since our cabins were not far away. 


Spending time at the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is very rewarding. It makes me feel like I am standing on the American Historic Holy Ground…and I really am! Standing 2,400 feet at the Gap’s pinnacle overlook, you clearly view three states. Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia are close by. If it is a day with bright sunshine and blue skies, then as a result, we could see for miles deep into these three states and the surrounding areas. 


No name is more associated with Cumberland Gap and the opening of the West than Daniel Boone.  He became renowned as a hunter and rifleman. In 1775 the Treaty of Sycamore Shoals secured a large portion of the Kentucky country from the Cherokee Indians. Boone and 30 men mark out the Wilderness Traderness from Long Island on the Holston River (Kingsport, Tennessee) through Cumberland Gap into Kentucky. There he founded Boonesbororoug, which is nearby, and established his place in history as a frontiersman and pathfinder. 


If you choose to make this wonderful tour, you could book our former cabins, which are only about 75 miles away. I know you will be overwhelmed with American history. 


The best is yet to come!



Charles Kirby














Blog 277 for August 6, 2022







One of the most beautiful and holiest places anywhere is located on the outskirts of Asheville, North Carolina, just off of Interstate 40 highway. It represents the dreams and creations of Billy and Ruth Graham. As you drive into the beautiful guarded entrance gate you realize you are entering a spectacular garden of 1200 acres. It really does offer the opportunity that Billy and Ruth Graham envisioned four decades ago for everyone that enters to discover the wonders of God’s presence. 


Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove is the place I am writing about in this blog. When Bess and I discovered this incredible place, we knew we were on holy ground. You have to experience the wonder of this place personally to appreciate it! The buildings and grounds are absolutely breathtaking and first-class! Seminars and programs are free of charge and offered throughout the year. They are led by some of the most well-known speakers and teachers of today. An evening at The Cove offers the opportunity to see and hear some of our friends in concert. 


A popular feature and favorite of Bess and me is the free museum of Billy and Ruth Graham. It included Ruth’s Garden, a beautiful building designed by Ruth that includes an amazing chapel and the lifetime ministry of Billy Graham. Every time I go it feels like I am standing on holy ground. It is a joy to take our friends on a tour of The Cove! Will Graham, a third-generation Graham, is the executive director of The Cove.


How beautiful Heaven must be!



Charles Kirby









Blog 276 for July 30, 2022





I am an American History buff. Here’s one of my many stories.  Twenty-five miles from our former mountain cabins in Cosby, TN is the historic town of Greeneville.  It is a very beautiful town of 17,000 people.  Bess and I spent many enjoyable and wonderful times there.


Some of our nation’s first pioneers traveled through the mountains of western North Carolina, making their way to the lush foothills of East Tennessee.  The town of Greeneville was established in 1783.  It was a layover for travelers, due to its location on the great wagon trail (now U.S. Hwy. 321 that runs south near our cabins and on through Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge). Needless to say, the historic Grand Central Hotel, now the General Morgan Inn, became a popular stop for weary travelers, who needed rest and recharging before continuing on their journey.  Bess and I, along with Pat and Lois Sampson, ate there some years ago on a Sunday after church in that elegant four-story Inn located on Main street.  It was a tremendously unforgettable experience!


Greeneville is the home of Andrew Johnson, our 17th American President. He and President Abraham Lincoln were two of America’s best “rags to riches” stories.  They both grew up poor, and both had little formal education.  President Johnson was born in a log cabin in Raleigh, North Carolina.  His parents were basically illiterate; Andrew never had a formal education; never went to school.  At age 17, he moved west to Greeneville, using a one-horse cart.  Providentially, he met his wife Eliza, who was well educated.  She read to him as he worked in his tailor shop so he could learn about law and history.  She taught him how to do arithmetic and to invest his money well.  His background is an amazing story.


In 1865, while serving as Vice President, Andrew became the 17th President of the United States, after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  He served one term of 4 years.  His presidency was a rocky road, like former President Donald Trump who continued to experience a never-ending battle with Congress. President Johnson was impeached by the House of Representatives but acquitted by one vote of the Senate.  Donald Trump lives under a continuous battle with the Democrats and liberals in Congress.


Bess and I toured the Andrew Johnson Historic Site which includes his home in Greeneville.  His footprints are everywhere in the city, having several Andrew Johnson Banks.  There is a wonderful religious climate; beautiful churches with spires that reach to the skies dot the city.  A visit to Greeneville, TN to that historic General Morgan Inn and the Andrew Johnson Historic Site would be an enjoyable trip for anyone.


Precious memories, how they linger!


Charles Kirby











Blog 275 for July 23, 2022






EXPERTS tell us that life is 95 percent adjusting to change. It really is a major challenge for every individual, for businesses, organizations, nations, and churches. It is a fact, that people who can make the adjustments are successful. Examples and individuals are everywhere. Early in my pastoral ministry, I heard the words, “We’ve never done it that way,” many times. Without exception, the churches that were willing to change their philosophy of ministry experienced wonderful growth and exciting ministry. Those that refused change struggled to survive. 


Since change is difficult, it takes time, much prayer, and patience. When change is forced, it creates strife and division. I have never seen so many churches and even denominations that are in trouble at the present time. Churches that once were dynamic, growing, and effective ministries are declining and dying. I am sure all hell is rejoicing! Since Bess and I retired from pastoral ministry over five years ago, we are watching it happen. It really is sad and heartbreaking. From a 4,000-seat worship center with average worship attendance of over 2,500 to 500…from the denomination’s largest to a mass exit of members and attendance, leaving a huge worship center sparsely populated…from one of the denomination’s oldest and most prestigious churches now worshiping with a hand full attendance in a large and beautiful worship center with over 300 thousand square feet of building space…from a 2,000 seat worship center to the elimination of a large number of pews to adjust to a big decline in attendance and not to magnify the loss of people. I must tell you that this is just a small sample of declining churches and ministries. I am sure Satan is continuing to rejoice! 


Our Lord founded the Church to be a life-changing organization that would change the culture of society. Instead of this happening in these last days, culture is changing churches. Without a doubt it is time for a new Great Awakening to sweep the land, transforming the hearts and lives of individuals in revival fires. America has no greater need than this for the closing days of our world! Christ really is the answer! 


Charles Kirby









Blog 274 for July 16, 2022






Gary Hamrick, the pastor of Cornerstone Chapel Church in Leesburg, Virginia, is the pastor of the church that was birthed by my great friend, Jay Ahlemann, when he was the pastor of the 3,000 attendance church in northern Virginia. Recently Gary preached a powerful message on “Church In America…Wake Up.” This church is now 10,000 in attendance. This past Easter morning when he preached this message, he preached to about 15,000 in attendance. He is a powerful preacher God is using to awaken all of his listeners. 


The great need in the church in these last days is for an anointing of the Holy Spirit to descend on the worship service across America. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon every pastor is the key. That has happened once before in two great American awakenings. Pastors were the keys. Now is the time for it to happen once again. However, there is a big lack of pastors willing to pay the price to make it happen. Pastor Gary Hamick is one of those pastors. In his powerful Easter message, he said it was time for the Church to wake up! Can you think what would happen if every pastor caught the vision of pastor Hamick? 


Every Sunday morning our television is set to hear three television pastors from 8 to 10. They are anointed by the Holy Spirit to inspire those that listen. One of those pastors is pastor John Hagee in San Antonio. He is inspired by the Holy Spirit to inspire those that are the listening audience to wake up. Another pastor is Jack Graham from Dallas. I pray for these men to continue with boldness to challenge the listening audience to wake up. 



There is a great day coming!




Charles Kirby














Blog 273 for July 9, 2022




It is obvious, like no other in my lifetime, that our nation and the world are falling apart. Just when we think it cannot get any worse, it does. We do not have to watch and listen to much of the news to feel a spirit of depression trying to invade our spirit of optimism and faith. That is exactly what I have been experiencing recently. When the Holy Spirit took me to what the Apostle Paul said in Romans chapter 8, climaxing with verses 31-39, new hope sprang eternal in my spirit. I believe it was some of Paul’s most inspired, transforming, and timely words that absolutely apply to where we are in American history in these last days. 


Paul writes, “If God is for us,” and we certainly must make sure that He really is taking sides with us. We have been so busy with discouraging happenings and national concerns with many things and everybody, that we have forgotten our greatest weapon. We must settle which side God is on in our own minds, and that choice of ours, along with that work and ministry we all have. Is it hallowed with our Lord’s approval and seal? And "if God is for us, who can be against us?” Nothing else really counts. It is a foolish and futile thing to count the heads in the opposing ranks. Even though it may appear they are increasing, we must weigh and estimate the causes. Which of the causes provides a tent for the Lord of hosts? Which is the truth, its waving flag? 


The Apostle Paul leaves no doubt the flag is the Word of God. He says nothing shall separate us from the love of Christ. Our defense for opposing abortion which slaughters some babies near their birth, same-sex marriages, socialistic philosophies, and liberal politicians that want to change the constitution, that has made our nation the greatest in the assembly of all the nations in our world, is the Word of the living God. Paul writes, “Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us.” 

Charles Kirby









Blog 272 for July 2, 2022




In a few days, we will celebrate the 246th birthday of our great nation. A tremendous way for all of us to celebrate this very special birthday is to pray for our God to save our nation. In my opinion, a mighty move of God’s Holy Spirit to sweep our land from coast to coast and border to border is the greatest need of our day. Our Lord has said what would happen if the born-again people of America would cry out for God’s mercy to fall upon us. There is no greater weapon that we have than the weapon of prayer! I believe the greatest promise for our day, and the challenge we face is the promise God gave to Solomon. What would happen if all of us would cry out for God’s mercy to be extended to us in these last days? The answer is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14. “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Ladies and gentlemen, there is no greater promise for America from our Lord than this promise! Bess and I are calling on God’s mercy in our devotional time every morning. I am calling on all of you that are reading this blog to join us by claiming this powerful promise from our Lord. It is time for all of us to take our stand. There is no other choice! 


Every born-again believer and evangelical Christian should get serious about the upcoming elections. The liberal politicians are working hard to increase the voting rolls so they can stay in control of the White House and Congress.  We must not let this happen! I strongly believe that all professing Christians will be faithful voters in all elections. It is an obligation we must not avoid. I really do feel my vote is very important. We are refusing to make a difference when we do not vote. I really do believe that the next big election will be the most important election in my lifetime. 


Dear Lord, help us to make a big difference! 




Charles Kirby






Blog 280 for August 27, 2022





In and around our condo, I can see all kinds of wings; angel wings, eagle wings, and bird wings on our walls or in our curio cabinets.  Do chicken feathers count???  This reminds me of an experience I had many years ago when we pastored a church in the Little Rock, Arkansas, area.

I can’t remember if it was in connection with a church food pounding or just a church family giving us some food.  What a nice thing to do; a blessing.  But here’s the deal.
According to Charles’ memory, this family brought us 3 live chickens.  Now, mind you, we did not have a fenced yard, nor were we used to killing, cleaning, and cooking chickens, especially me, since I had never lived on a farm.  I didn’t know much about “country.”

 I sure didn’t know how to clean and prepare the chickens after they had been killed.


 I sure didn’t know how to clean and prepare the chickens after they had been killed. How does one get the feathers out?  There must be a simple way!!!  Wish you had been there to help out. Oh my, what trouble lay ahead for this Mississippi “downtown” girl!

There was a small shack in our backyard.  So until such time as we built a fence and/or killed, washed, cleaned, and cooked them, they could be put there.  Out there would be where they ate (We’ve got to buy some chicken feed.), disposed of waste, (In time, we’ve got to clean up that mess.), cackled, slept, and endured those 4 walls with cracks, (At least, they could see daylight through the cracks.).  What a life for those 3; and what an end of life was coming!  I hate to even think about it.

The dreadful day came.  Charles was going to wring one of the chickens’ necks.  He had seen this done before at their family farm.  Here goes…He tried but couldn’t kill it.  What did he do, you ask? Well, the next step is to get the ax and chop off its neck.  Well, what did Bess do, you ask?  She fainted!!! Not really, probably she went inside and closed her eyes and even prayed for Charles and the chicken.

I knew absolutely nothing about boiling hot water, about cleaning the chicken, getting the feathers off, cutting it up, and readying it for cooking.      WHAT A CATASTROPHE!  Chickens squawking, squawking, squawking!  Finally, there was silence! And my time had arrived.  I’m sure you’ve already figured out that I made a big mess.


The moral to this story is this:  Don’t bring us live chickens for food unless this inflation and food shortage makes us desperate for survival.  Then I’ll be ringing your telephone!
Blessings and laughter to you and yours.  Writing about other “wings/feathers” may appear on some future blogs. 












Blog 279 for August 20, 2022





 I never thought you would ask. Well, for Charles and Bess Kirby, it’s the official day we got married, way down in Houston, Mississippi, at the Nazarene church that I had attended all my life. And of course, Rev. Rogers, who had served the church during my high school and college years, was the one I wanted to perform the ceremony.  And so, the wedding took place.


A lot of living has gone on since then…finishing our college work, having two wonderful children, and beginning our life’s calling to ministry,  starting at Greenwood, Mississippi, a very small home mission church. From there we moved to West Memphis, Arkansas, Nazarene Church.  Continuing our church pastoral journeys, next in line was Abernathy, Texas, then to Mabelvale, Arkansas, on to Virginia Beach, Virginia; from Virginia, we moved to Lubbock, Texas, then to Pasadena, California, back to Little Rock, Arkansas area, then to Winter Haven, Florida.  From there, we moved to Indianapolis, then back to Melbourne, Florida, and on to Lakeland Lake Gibson Church from which we retired after 19 years there.


What a blessed life Charles and I have had.  The family of God everywhere is wonderful. And the blessings abound not just in the church body of believers, our birth families, and our children, but in each other. Let me tell you about my “knight in shining armor."


He’s the coolest guy. He loves with all his heart. He has taken me on Ferris wheels. He had taken me boating many times, enjoying the sunshine and the chain of lakes, when we lived in Winter Haven. We’ve gone to many Dodger ball games in California. We’ve traveled the world, going to Israel, God’s Holy Land, many times. We’ve visited many places in our world, such as London England, Paris France, Rome Italy, Athens Greece, Corinth Greece, Amman Jordan, the islands of Hawaii, Anchorage Alaska, New Brunswick Canada, Halifax Nova Scotia. And no doubt, many more.


Our marriage vows stuck, as super glue does to its partner.  In our 62 years of marriage, Charles and I have never thought about splitting up. We are one. According to the American Greeting card I bought for him, it says it right...


“We’ve walked this road together side by side and hand in hand. We’ve been there for each other when things didn’t go as planned.  We’ve laughed and cried together with our friends and families. And side by side, we’ve made the most amazing memories. And when I’m thinking back on all the special things we’ve shared, the love, the joy, the happiness, and all the ways we’ve cared, I know that by your side is where I’ll always want to be, Loving you forever just the same way you love me.”


So Happy 62nd Anniversary, Charles Lee Kirby. I will always love you.











Blog 278 for August 13, 2022


My Confident Morning


Why am I so confident this morning?  On what does my confidence depend?  I’m glad you asked.  I depend on a WHO, that is my God and Savior, and a WHAT, that is God’s Word.  And the good news is, you can depend on God and His Word also.



IN WHO? Confidence in my Leader. For those who may not know me personally, but read this blog, my confidence is in the Lord God Almighty.  I chose to follow Him almost 75 years ago. It’s been a joyful journey.


These lyrics of an old familiar gospel song keep ringing in my ears.  I think it was made famous by the Downings, and written by Andrae’ Crouch.



“When trouble is in my way, I can’t tell my night from day, when I’m tossed from side to side, like a ship on a raging tide, I don’t worry, I don’t fret, my God has never failed me yet. Troubles come from time to time, but that’s alright, I’m not the worrying kind because I’ve got confidence, God is gonna’ see me through. No matter what the case may be, I know He’s gonna’ fix it for me. I’ve got confidence, God’s gonna’ see me through, no matter what the case may be, I know He’s gonna’ fix it for me.”



IN WHAT?  Confidence in the Bible, God’s Holy Word.  God’s Word is filled with promises.  Remember, God promised His people that if blood was marked on the doorpost of their homes, the death angel would pass over their house and family; they would not be destroyed.  We are rich with the promises of God.  He will care for us.  He will help us.  “The B-I-B-L-E, yes, that’s the Book for me. I stand alone on the Word of God, the B-I-B-L-E.”



Andrae Crouch’s second verse speaks of sickness, loss, despair, sleepless nights, trials, no song, and troubles. And Job still had confidence in the God he served.  It matters not what we may be going through because if we have a relationship with God and His Word, God will make all things work for our good and His glory. He will see you through. God still cares. And He has never failed us, nor will He ever. Put your confidence in God and His Word.  That’s what I’m doing. ​​​​​​











Blog 277 for August 6, 2022




Don’t you just love it when God sends you a “wink”?  I sure do.  I’m bound by the physical; so I can’t remember all the “God Winks” that I have received throughout the years.  But, thanks be to GOD, I’ve received my fair share.  God has been good to me. Some of those “winks” have come at a deep, dark, desperate time in my life; and so, they have lifted my load, encouraged me, and blessed me beyond measure.


One such “God Wink” came from afar.  It was in the form of a text message.  And I cannot tell you just how special that text was. It truly was a message from God - a “God Wink” in the midst of my difficult day.


It seems to me that when God wants to send a “wink,” HE puts you in the mind and spirit of someone…and…they can’t get you out of their mind.  So they must act upon it.  To the recipient, the action was God motivated, …yes, a “God Wink."


Whether by mail, phone, a hug, a whisper, Facebook, email, or even a response to one of my blogs, I love and appreciate “God Winks”! Sometimes they arrive as a letter or card.  Other times, such as a telephone call or an invitation out.  One thing is for sure, I must not limit how God chooses to send those “God Winks."


Just this morning, I sent a text to one, who was on the way for the first chemo treatment.  Hopefully, God is using that as a “God Wink."


I have received many “God Winks” throughout my life.  How they have helped me.  When any one of us honors the prompting of the Holy Spirit, God uses it to help others. Let’s be a blessing to someone today.


Thank you, one and all, and most assuredly God, my Heavenly Father.










Blog 276 for July 30, 2022










KNOW THAT - our GOD, while divine, has worn flesh.  HE knows the way through the wilderness.  HE is all we need.  HE’s more than enough.  




  1. GOD understands. (Proverbs 3:5-13)

What hard place are you experiencing today?  Well, just know, just be comforted, that GOD knows about it.  HE knows what you are going through. In HIS humanity, HE trod the way before us.


  1. GOD knows. (Matthew 6:7-13)

Corrie Ten Boom said it this way. “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known GOD.” I’m humming (in my mind) this morning, these words to a song, “GOD knows, and that’s enough for me…”


  1. GOD cares. (I Peter 5:7)

When your heart is breaking, please remember that GOD cares about you. An old gospel song says it this way.  “Someone to care, Someone to share…”  Wish I could remember all those words. Another song I enjoy singing has these lyrics written by Phyllis Michael and music by John Peterson.


“When I need a Friend to care when I’m distressed, God is there; God is there.  When I need a Friend to help me do my best, God is there, always there. God is there, always there with a helping hand to lift my load of care; He’ll be faithful to the end, on His promise I depend, When I really need a Friend, GOD is there.”


  1. GOD answers prayer. (Psalm 102:1,2; Job 13:22; Matthew 6:5,6)

He sometimes says “No”; oftentimes He says “wait”; and many times He says “yes”!  Even in our waiting rooms, GOD is working out HIS purpose, HIS plan for us.  The songwriter said it this way.


“Just keep on praying till light breaks through, the LORD will answer, will answer you…”

“See” you next week!        











Blog 275 for July 23, 2022


I serve 


Hope you do, also.  Just think about it.  Our God is not a god of stone, but HE is a living GOD.  Hallelujah!  Amen! Praise the Lord!  Our God has eyes to see our needs and our circumstances.  He has ears to hear our cries.  Aren’t we glad?  I’m reminded of the song, “Tears Are A Language God Understands.”  I’ve been crying a lot, if not aloud, in my spirit, during these last 6 months.  And my great Friend, Holy God, has wiped them away one by one, until the next time;  then HE’s back again wiping the tears away.


Our God is an awesome God.  HE has hands to help, hands to lift our heavy loads, hands that touch, that bless! Let’s not forget legs to walk our life journey with us.  We don’t have to walk it alone.  Do you know what it means to have a dear earthly, wonderful friend?  I do. Well, how much more wonderful and strengthening is the comfort found in the God we serve, the GOD who sees.


I hope your testimony is as special to you as mine is to me. I hope you serve the GOD who sees. To have “Someone to Care” is what burden-bearing is all about.  The Scripture says for us to “bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.”  Thanks to one and all who have prayed for us Kirbys during these past months. Thanks for the phone calls and the beautiful and meaningful cards sent to us.  One such card spelled the message out this way…

“There is…NO DARKNESS God can’t penetrate.
 NO BATTLE He can’t win. NO EVIL stronger than His love!”

written by Diana C. Derringer, Christian Art Greeting by Warner Press.


May God bless all of you who read this blog.  May you be filled with friends who care and most of all, the best Friend and all-time, undisputed “CHAMPION OF LOVE.”          











Blog 274 for July 16, 2022




Surely, it touches yours.  Some people are so gifted in writing music; others in writing the lyrics; some are gifted in teaching music; some in singing the music. Some play instruments such as piano and organ at church or they play another instrument in the orchestra. Still, others sing in a choir or smaller singing groups such as duets, trios, or quartets.  Actually, you don’t have to be gifted to participate in music, but it helps.  You just have to participate and open your mouth and “let ‘er fly”!


Music brings joy.  It lifts the spirit. I’ve been going through several of Bill and Gloria Gaither’s Song Books.  What powerful songs they have written…songs from their Book, “He Touched Me”, such as…


  • He touched me
  • In the Upper Room
  • Redeeming Love
  • Lovest Thou Me
  • The Christ of Every Crisis
  • Lord Jesus, Come
  • I Will Serve Thee
  • I Just Can’t Help It
  • All My Hopes
  • In the Upper Room

While all of their songs are wonderful, the one that has won my heart at this time of my life journey is, “The Christ of Every Crisis.” I love to sing it every day as my eyes fill with tears and my spirit praises God for His salvation full and free, His friendship to me, His never failing love, His kindness, care, and strength, His bountiful supply, and His overcoming power.  Read these words written by Bill and Gloria Gaither:


The Christ of Every Crisis




When my strength is almost failing, When my hope is almost gone, There is One who goes before me all the way.  When my weary load would press me, and the way seems oh, so long, I’ve assurance that this FRIEND will never fail.


He’s the Christ of every Crisis and my heart shall never fear; through the valley, vale, or shadows, I can trust Him to be near.  Oh, let not your heart be troubled, He has told us in His Word.  He’s the Christ of every Crisis.  He has overcome the World.




Tho’ the way seems dark and dreary; tho’ I cannot see the day; tho’ the clouds of gloom may gather, yet I pray.  Then I find His grace sufficient, every need He doth supply.  He gives refuge, strength, and courage for my day.       (And repeat the CHORUS.)


No matter what you are going through, remember, “He’s as close as the mention of His Name”; and “He’s the Christ of Every Crisis.”          













Blog 273 for July 9, 2022





According to the World Book Encyclopedia, “SUMMER in the Northern Hemisphere begins about June 21.  It ends about September 23.  Usually, July and August are the hottest months of the SUMMER season.  Field crops, trees, and other plants reach their fullest maturity in SUMMER.”
Not that I know much about planting flowers, but some of my many friends have a “green thumb” and know all that’s necessary to plant a garden, plant flowers, design a beautiful landscape, etc.,  in the early spring for full maturity in the SUMMER.  Everybody loves to see beautiful landscapes, gorgeous arrangements of flowers, gardens, and flowering trees.


SUMMER is a season of fun. School is out. Children are playing. Families are planning vacations.  Many pick the beaches for relief from the heat.  SUMMER is certainly a time to turn on the air conditioner; a time to go swimming; to splash in the ocean waters at the beaches, and even to have a picnic under the shade of a beautiful tree. 


Yes, the seasons come and go; they pass so quickly.  Spring turns to SUMMER; then SUMMER to Fall.  Then Fall fades to Winter.  What a gift from God.  Every season has an array of beauty; yet there are challenges also, in each season, such as Spring rains; SUMMER heat; Fall leaves, and Winter weather.


How majestic is our God, Creator of the Heavens and the earth.  As you enjoy this SUMMER, beat the heat!  Enjoy the shade. Keep cool. Look ahead, look forward.  These seasons map out our human life span; Spring, our birth; SUMMER, our growing and reaching our apex; Fall, our wilting; Winter, our demise.


In whatever your season, praise God for His bountiful blessings.  

Enjoy your summer.  








Blog 272 for July 2, 2022






“God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above…”  


Yes, I do love America.  What a great freedom-loving land!  Thank God for all the Christians in this land.  Thank God for all their many prayers for our country and its leaders.  We must keep on praying ‘till the Light breaks through.


Satan is waging one of his fiercest battles against us.  We must hold Christ’s banner high and never give up, never surrender…fight the good fight of faith. Victory is on our side. God’s Word says that nothing is impossible when we put our trust in God. We are going through some hard times. Our weeping may endure for the night; but the possibility of joy, coming in the morning, keeps us afloat.  So hold on to God’s unchanging hand.


Here are some ways we can hold Christ’s banner high.

Pray morning, noon, and night.
Pray for our country; our national leaders.
Pray for our State leaders, and our local leaders.
Pray for ourselves; strength for the battle.
Pray for sinners to be saved; the lost found.
Pray for revival all over this land.
Pray for your church and our churches in outreach.
Pray for pastors/preachers to be fired up and anointed as they preach in their pulpits.
Pray that we will live out our Christian beliefs.
Pray for our enemies and the enemies of God.


I’m flying our American flag.  Hope you are also.  On this July 4th weekend, celebrate well.  We are enjoying having Charles’ sister, Diane, with us for a few days.  She doesn’t get to come often, nor do we get to travel to Texas to see her.  But, we sure do love and appreciate one another.  So give Diane, just one example of Americans everywhere enjoying family and friends celebrating the freedoms in America.  Thank God for the freedoms we have.


Samuel Smith wrote these words in 1831,


“Our fathers’ God, to thee, Author of liberty, To thee we sing; Long may our land be bright With freedom’s holy light; Protect us by thy might, Great God, our King!”


Now, may we put on the whole armor of God; pray, and stand in the gap for our great country.