Blog 312 for April 1, 2023







For many years we really did enjoy the cutting of the trees at our cabins in the Smokies. I must admit, it was not an easy thing some of the time. A few times I climbed too high; one time I got stuck up in a tree with the chainsaw, and it took me several hours to get untangled and down the tree. I got a teaching lesson. Those who were teaching me…were really right; I did see the light!!! 


Another big event was when Bess fell some 30 feet down the mountainside. She headed out of the cabin in which we were staying to come and help me in the backyard of the other cabin where I was up in a tree cutting limbs.  She did not know that acorns were like marbles, and they caused her to roll all the way down the hill. To say the least, she really got a lesson.  Her results were like a miracle! 


I just recently tried to cut some branches off some overgrown bushes in our yard. To which, Bess thought that I had messed up those bushes “big time.”  All I can say is that they will grow out again. So I’ve decided my tree-cutting endeavors are over.



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Blog 312 for April 1, 2023





Hope you do too.  Just think about it.  Our God is no longer in the tomb.  He’s not a god of stone.  He is a living LORD.  Hallelujah to the Lamb slain; to the resurrected Son of the living God. Praise the Lord! Our God has eyes to see our needs and our circumstances.  He has ears to hear our cries.  Aren’t we glad?  I’m reminded of the song, “Tears Are a Language God Understands."  Thank you, Jesus! I’ve been crying a lot, if not aloud, I have in my spirit.  Rest assured, those of you who are crying today, or still have the remnants of your tears, God knows and that’s enough for us (you and me).


Our God is an awesome God. HE has hands to help, hands to lift our heavy loads, hands that touch and bless!  Let’s not forget legs to walk our journey with us.  We don’t have to walk it alone.  Do you know what it means to have a dear earthly friend? I do. Well, how much more wonderful and strengthening is the comfort found in the GOD we serve, the GOD who sees?


Sincere Christian friends are God’s gifts to us.  To have “Someone to Care” is what burden-bearing is all about.  The Scripture says for us to “bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of God."  Thanks to our wonderful and faithful earthly friends; and thanks be to GOD, our very best Friend.


A card sent to us at a difficult time in our lives said this, “There is NO darkness God can’t penetrate. NO battle He can’t win. NO evil stronger than HIS love…” These words were written by Diana C. Derringer.


Congrats to you…if you are a believer; not only do you have wonderful Christian friends, but your best Friend is the all-time, undisputed “CHAMPION OF LOVE."  His name is JESUS, God incarnate. You too, serve the “GOD WHO SEES."



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