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Six years ago, Bess and I started writing our blogs.  We had some great help, especially from Duane Kendall, our friend in California.  Many thanks are due to him. And all others who have helped us; many, many thanks to you as well.  God bless us one and all.


I’m not sure when cancer struck me, but do know it was while serving Lake Gibson Nazarene Church.  Bess and I went to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. There I had surgery...my prostate was taken out.  Patrick and Lois Sampson were so good to us while we were there and let us use one of their cars.  Other great friends, Dick and Carole Noble and Jack and Jane Smithson came to see us there, prayed for us, and encouraged us. Since then, I have had radiation here in Lakeland at Watson Clinic. And recently, my PSA has been up, which seems impossible since I had my prostate out.  So I’ve been taking 30 chemo pills, one a day for 30 days. I finished that, had blood work, and had a full-body pet scan, which was good. No signs of cancer, and since having had a doctor’s appointment, the decision was made for me to just come back in six months for a few tests to see how everything is. We praise the Lord for the good report. Prayer works. “Call on the Lord and He will show you great and mighty things.” It is not always “healing for our sicknesses,” but it always is help.  Thank you, JESUS.


Another health issue has been intestinal blockage due to hernia (mesh) surgeries and scar tissue growing around and blocking the intestine. This happened several times sending me to the hospital, both in Bartow, FL, and in Newport, TN, resulting in surgery in TN. This has left me with unwanted, continual problems. I’m sure the result is here to stay until it’s my time to cross Jordan.


And still, another issue is “age.”  Growing old ain't for sissies. Aches, pains, daily activities, occasional sicknesses, mental, and emotional issues, etc., are some of what many of us face daily.


Bess and I believe that it’s time to write our “swan” song.  It’s been a joy and a challenge.  Thank you, one and all, for reading our blogs.  If you are reading this one, send us a note and let us know what the blogs have meant to you.  We hope they have been a blessing, bringing joy and enlightenment to you on your journey with Christ.  Our testimony is that we still serve JESUS, our Savior, Redeemer, and Friend.  If you don’t know HIM, please read John 3:16, then repent of your sins, ask God to forgive you, and put your faith in HIM.  Then live for HIM.


We will be seeing you on the journey.  And when it’s my time to go, “I’ll be leaving on a jet plane…on my way to Heaven!”  

Charles Kirby




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Blog 328 for July 29, 2023                                         







Welcome to this last blog (unless I decide to write another one in the first one or two weeks of August 2023). It’s been a joy to write them; and many thanks to all who have read our blogs, commented about them, and even called us.  Blessings to you all. Now to my topic…


Songwriters have written about those life roads. John Peterson said, “ It’s not an easy road.”  A.H. Ackley said, “I never walk alone." Verse two says, “I never walk alone in stormy weather, when winds of trouble sweep about my head, I know I’m safe, because we are together, and around me, His protecting love is spread.” Ackley wrote another song entitled, “At the End of the Road.'' One verse reads this way. “Every long weary mile I’ll recount with a smile when I come to the end of the road. And the foes that beset, God will make me forget when I come to the end of the road.  When the long day is ended, the journey is o’er, I shall enter that blessed abode…for the Savior I love will be waiting for me when I come to the end of the road.”


You know, sometimes we wander off and get “too far from the shore.”  Or maybe we take a wrong turn and get lost.  The good news is that “There is a Road Home."  This song was written by Debra Talley and Niles Borop.  You are never too far from the Grace of GOD.


I’m reminded that Jesus took many dusty roads as HE traveled all over those Judean hills.  Of course, HE never got lost.  “He knows the way through the wilderness…all we have to do is follow.” I love the lyrics to “The Promise." I’m not sure of authorship…maybe Bill Gaither, maybe Debbie Talley, maybe Karen Wheaton…I tried to find out but failed in my quest…just know I did not write it.  If you find out the author, you could let me know.  Many thanks in advance.  The lyrics are great. Jarius’ daughter had died and Jarius asked JESUS to heal her.


The chorus of this song says, “There’s a Promise coming down that dusty road.  From His holy hand, healing virtue flows. He’s got the keys to what you need. Death and hell He will defeat.  There’s a Promise coming down that dusty road.  From His holy hand, healing virtue flows.”  Did you get that?  “He’s got the keys to what you need.  Death and hell He will defeat.  There’s a Promise coming down that dusty road."


So whatever you are encountering on that lonely road you are walking, remember God can make a way where there seems to be no way.  He can walk with you.  He can give you strength. He can give you a miracle.  Listen to this last verse of “The Promise." “Somewhere in (your) the distance…outlined against the sun, there came (may come) a Man on a Mission from the Throne…They said, (Family and/or Friends may say) “Look somebody’s coming.”  But what they did not (you will not) know, it was their (will be your) Promise coming down that dusty road.”


Aren’t you glad you know the PROMISE!  I’m so glad I belong to JESUS. He is my PROMISE.    I’ll see you down the ROAD.




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