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Blog 289 for October 29, 2022




We have just spent a week at the beautiful Majestic View cabins in the Smokies. It goes without saying that we already miss the ownership of the two cabins, Stargazer and Snugged-In, that we called our winter home for over 16 years. It has been a delight to spend this wonderful time with Bob and Micki, our daughter and son-in-law. We chose this time to hopefully enjoy the beauty of the colors in the mountains. The brilliant colors are spectacular to behold! Only a living God can make it so beautiful. 


It is wonderful to have the opportunity to eat at our favorite restaurant once again. The turkey and dressing are still the best and the corn chowder cannot be topped. Darrick and the girls at the front desk are still the best in service. When they see us come in, they always try to make a place at a table for us. Sometimes the wait can be an hour. Because of their kindness, we have never had to wait that long.  


There are two great churches that we love to attend in Morristown and Sevierville. Both of the churches have great music with wonderful choirs and Bible preaching from the pastors. When you leave the services, you know you have been to church. If every church had a pastor like these two, what a difference it would make in our churches and cities across America. 


Dear Lord, send the old-time power!


Charles Kirby















Blog 288 for October 22, 2022






Two big dates on the calendar of time have just passed me by. Time waits for no man and he sure hasn’t waited for me. 


Thursday, October 13th, was my birthday. Can you believe what just happened? There is nothing I can do to change it. I really haven’t tried because I know it would not do any good. Things like that bring wrinkles, gray hairs, and a big tummy. By the way, how do you look?


We just passed the biggest birthday I have ever received. Can you believe I am now 85 years of age? I am so happy I feel the same as I did yesterday. Let’s celebrate!


The second big date of celebration is the week in the Smoky Mountains. The owners of Majestic View Cabins are two brothers, Ken and Kelly Bellerose. They have big dreams for the cabins. They just gave us a free week in the StarGazer cabin. It was our favorite cabin with the best views of the mountains. 


Since we had good success with the two cabins on Majestic View Way, we are glad to help fill available dates. People that booked the cabins when they belonged to us still call us for open dates. We still think they have the best location in the mountains. They really do sell them. 


We are still adjusting to being without the cabins. Having them for over 16 years was a delight. We know it was time to sell, and our Lord really took care of the challenge. 


Charles Kirby









Blog 287 for October 15, 2022




 At this time every year, I am made aware once again of the treasury of friends. As I have stated many times before, it really is a priceless treasure that reminds me once again that I really am a blessed man. I am made aware of this amazing blessing every year at this time. Our friends make themselves known during this time of the year.


This journey began when my ministry was greatly enlarged with an exciting internet ministry that televised our services. I was made aware of this ministry when it began to reach a large number of people across the nation and in other countries. People I did not know, and had never met, would come up to me at the National Quartet Convention, and tell me how much they enjoyed our services. We would receive letters and offerings for the support of this ministry on a regular basis. Our webmaster, Duane Kendall, from California, had to keep the services flowing  to reach all the people. Without a doubt, it was one of the most exciting times in all of my 56 years as a pastor across America!


When Bess and I were at the NQC last year, it was exciting to see people that have become friends through this ministry. They let us know how much they miss our ministry and the services. Several of the friends, including three young people, were excited to see us and to thank us for our ministry.  


In the 19 years of hosting “Saturday Nights In Lakeland," we became great friends with the music groups that were featured in our services. It is always great to have the opportunity to spend time with them. 


Friendships are wonderful!


Charles Kirby









Blog 286 for October 8, 2022





The NQC was birthed in the 40s. J. D. Sumner was the brainchild that made it all come together in 1954. It was during this time that James Blackwood and J.D. Sumner began putting together the wheels to make it all become a reality. The first national quartet convention was held in October 1957 at Ellis Auditorium in Memphis. After a couple of years in Memphis, the 1959 convention moved to Birmingham and was held the month of July of that year. In 1960 the convention was held in Atlanta. In 1961 the convention returned to its original home–the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis, where it remained for the next ten years. The 1982 convention represented the dawn of a new era that was operated by the new board of directors, led by Les Beasley until 2018. 


The NQC enjoyed a 23-year run in the city of Nashville. During the early 90s it became clear that if the event was to continue to grow and expand, it needed more space - both in seating capacity and exhibit space. At the 1992 convention, the NQC Board announced that 1993 would be the NQC’S final year in Nashville. In 1994 NQC moved to the spacious Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville.

The NQC enjoyed a 20-year relationship in Louisville from 1994 - 2013. In 2014 the NQC moved into a brand new facility called The LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. 


When the NQC was headquartered in Louisville I was involved with the Southern Gospel Promoters Association. I wrote monthly articles on church growth and southern gospel music that was a monthly feature. It was an honor to be involved in this ministry. I have quoted SINGING NEWS in this blog. 


Southern Gospel Music Is The Best!​​​​​


Charles Kirby








Blog 285 for October 1, 2022





Every year it has been a thrilling experience to meet and talk with people that have watched our services and concerts on the internet. People will recognize us and stop to express their appreciation for our ministry. Last year an entire family stopped to express their appreciation. Sometimes we feel like we should keep a smile on our face because we may meet people that recognize us, like people from St. Louis, the Purdys, who have since, become friends. They live in the same neighborhood as “Stan The Man,” my baseball idol. The Purdys sent me a great gift, an autographed “Stan the Man” clock!  I love it. It sure puts a smile on my face!



It is important to keep a smile on your face!



Charles Kirby














Blog 284 for September 24, 2022







It is that time again for the National Quartet Convention. This year is different from all the rest. Since we have sold our cabins, we have no home base in the area to serve as headquarters. It is a big adjustment. It goes without saying, we really miss our cabins. We know our Lord blessed us with the sale of the cabins at the beginning of the peak season, and we will forever be grateful. 


Pigeon Forge is a great place to have the convention. The accommodations are abundant, to fit every pocketbook. Of course, the Old Mill is always calling us for a down-home menu that can’t be beaten in a comfortable setting. Turkey and dressing are an unbeatable choice with a huge serving. Bess and I always share the serving since it is enough for two people. We have made friends with Derick, the manager, and with the ladies in charge of the seating. We do not usually have to wait until they see us arrive. It really helps, since the wait is around an hour or more in the peak season. 


The highlight of the convention is seeing and visiting with friends we have made across the years, and with the members of the music groups. The huge lobby is a great place to see and visit with people. I am always amazed at the people that recognize us from the past and from “Saturday Nights In Lakeland.”   


This season we are headquartered at the Hampton Inn, next to the best Bar-B-Q in the area.  If we can work it into the schedule, we can break bread together.  


Southern Gospel Music Is The Best!


Charles Kirby









Blog 283 for September 17, 2022


Alligator at the door!!!!



September has always been one of my favorite months of the year. Now that we no longer have our beautiful cabins in the Smoky Mountains, life has made a change for Bess and me. We really do miss the mountains and the seasonal change that we can expect. We know that this is the month of the National Quartet Convention that will end this month. Some 10,000 people are expected again this year. Since we are no longer residents of the area, there will be a major difference. We are now back with Alligators. Let me tell you about the “Gators.” 


A few years ago we had just returned from the mountains for the season when we heard a loud noise. Next door to our condo people had gathered to see what was going to happen. Two dogs had backed a gator up against the front screen door and were about to lose their mind. A neighbor came to the rescue of the gator and helped him to the water of the canal in front and side of the condo. The dogs followed the gator into the water and the gator outswam the dogs to safety. The dogs were possessed with the gator for the remaining part of the day but never saw the gator again. To say the least, the gator was the winner. The dogs do not realize how lucky they were. 


We have seen gators in our canal 6 to 8 feet long, sunning in our canal. They feed on small birds and fish. They love to lay on the banks enjoying the sunshine. To say the least, people are attracted to the gators. 


God is a great Creator so enjoy God’s creation.


Charles Kirby









Blog 282 for September 10, 2022






In this bold day of standing on the promises of God, it is time to devote our entire being to God, who gives strength for the journey of life. Please enjoy Psalm 136:1-9.  You’ll see what an awesome God we serve. 


Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! 

For His mercy endures forever.


Oh, give thanks to the God of gods!

For His mercy endures forever.


Oh, give thanks to the Lord of lords! 

For His mercy endures forever.


To Him who alone does great wonders,

For His mercy endures forever.


To Him who by wisdom made the heavens, 

For His mercy endures forever.


To Him who laid out the earth above the waters,

For His mercy endures forever;


To Him who made great lights,

For His mercy endures forever;


The sun to rule by day,

For His mercy endures forever;


The moon and stars rule the night,

For His mercy endures forever. 


Wow! Can’t you just hear the heavenly choir singing; and the church choirs singing, “We’ve got a great, big, wonderful God, a great, big, wonderful God, A God who loves every one of us; has done so much for all of us, Great big wonderful God. He never, never, never leaves us; He’s always standing by, to pick us up if we stumble. We’re the apple of His eye.” This was made famous by the Imperials Quartet many years ago.


Remember, His great mercy lasts forever.  Hallelujah!


Charles Kirby










Blog 281 for September 3, 2022





If you know your Bible, you know that earthquakes are a major sign of our Lord’s return to earth again. In recent days over 60 earthquakes have happened in Kansas and Oklahoma. Since earthquakes are very rare in Kansas and Oklahoma, it really is a major sign that something may be getting ready to happen. I am saying the same words as John the Revelator, “Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!” 


We have never lived in a decaying nation like the present one we are now living in. America has never experienced a world that is falling apart. Now is the time to make sure all of us are living a life that is filled with the presence of our Lord on a daily basis. What about your family? Are they all ready to meet the Lord should He come yet today? Don’t be deceived. He really is coming back to earth again! We only have two choices, heaven or hell. There is no middle ground or in-between. Good works or a good name will not be enough to save your soul or pave your way. Today is the day of salvation, so harden not your heart.


Every morning Bess and I are praying for a great move of the Holy Spirit to sweep our land. That is happening now in many places. It really needs to happen in America. It really is the world’s greatest need! Dear Lord, send a great revival in my soul. Let the Holy Spirit come and take control and send a great revival in my soul!


Jesus is coming soon! 

Charles Kirby  





Charles Kirby







Blog 289 for October 29, 2022




 We all know that following Jesus requires climbing!  Are you in shape for the climb?  Am I?  What does that require?


From time to time, I see a nice young lady in our condo community walking or running in preparation for a big Disney Race.  She’s faithful in this preparation.  She’s preparing for the “climb”...shall I say?


Climbing stairs can be scary for children, older folks, and anyone with faltering steps.  We have stairs to climb in our condo.  But I hold on tightly to what I call the stair rail.

And speaking of climbing those Golden Stairs, we must prepare, and get in shape, for the climb of a lifetime.  I’m reminded of the many songs written about climbing “up the mountain,” or climbing those “golden stairs.”  Verse 2 of Ira Stanphill’s song, “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow,” says this.

“Every step is getting brighter as the golden stairs I climb; every burden’s getting lighter; every cloud is silver lined.  There the sun is always shining; There no tear will dim the eye; at the ending of the rainbow, where the mountains touch the sky.”

There are so many more hymns/gospel songs written about climbing and that golden stair.  Derric Johnson and Sandi Barkman wrote a song entitled, ”That Golden Stair."

Verse one says

“When Jesus comes with clouds of angels, When trumpet sound shall fill the air; I want to rise with Him in glory. I want to climb that golden stair.”

The chorus says,

“The gates of pearl will open wide to meet us.  The ransomed choir with joyful songs will greet us.  But best of all I’ll walk with Jesus and I’ll climb that Golden Stair.”


On and on we could go reminding you of music about climbing up the mountain, etc.; but, lest we forget, I started this blog wondering what shape we are in for the climb. As we see our world crumble and lose its way,  may we be fortified with HIS mighty power, HIS indwelt Holy Spirit, our Comforter,  and HIS mercy and grace.  By all means, let us put on the whole armor of GOD that we may stand…walk…run…and climb up that Golden Stair!!!


“I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, DO NOT FEAR; I WILL HELP YOU.” Isaiah 41:13







Blog 288 for October 22, 2022




Know you know what you are supposed to do, don’t you? Read the statement, then, Sing the response.


  1.   God is great! He loves me.

        A..A.A MEN!


  2.    God is good! He is my righteousness!

         A..A.A MEN!


  3.    God is awesome! He sticks closer than a brother!

         A..A MEN!  A MEN!  A MEN!


  4.   God is all-powerful! He can do anything but fail!

        A..A.A MEN!


  5.   God is faithful and true! You can count on Him.

        A..A.A MEN!


  6.   God loves you and me! He gave His all.

        A..A MEN!  A MEN!  A MEN!


Hope this responsive reading has blessed you and set your heart to singing.  Leave that dark place behind.  Shake off dependency.  Fanny Crosby said it this way. 


“Praise Him, praise Him! Jesus, our blessed Redeemer. Sing, O earth, His wonderful love proclaim!  Hail Him! Hail Him! Highest archangels in glory; strength and honor give to His holy name!”


If I don’t see you before, I will see you in the Rapture!!! And I’ll be singing for sure because Jesus is the sweetest Name I know. 











Blog 287 for October 15, 2022




Oftentimes, “Help Me” has been my request to Jesus, my Savior.  In fact, the request sounds much like this:


“Help me, even when I don’t realize that I need help. YOU are a mighty good GOD.


Please help all of us in our 'NO SONG' season.  I know You give songs, even at nighttime.  As the song goes, 'It’s not an easy road that we’re traveling; but Jesus lightens every heavy load.' I can testify to songs in the night.  YOU are an awesome GOD.


Help all of us in our 'BUSY season.'  That busy season may be a 'too' busy season.  Help us take a break…go out to recess…talk to a friend…pray…sing…praise YOU.  Sometimes the cares of life fill up our thoughts; and, we seem to have no clarity for what’s important at the moment.  Clear our minds for us.  I know You can quiet all of our spirits. YOU are a great GOD.


Help all of us in our 'NEIGHBOR season.' You teach us in Your WORD how to be a good neighbor.  May we learn it well.  Remind us, dear Lord, when our door of opportunity comes, that we might shine like the stars for YOUR GLORY. What a precious GOD you are."


May God help you and me in these challenging times.










Blog 286 for October 8, 2022






1.  Answered Prayer! 

Thank you, Jesus. I’m still “standing” today because of answered prayer. You are my great hiding place. You are my source. You never fail.


2.  Faithful Prayer Warriors!

Thank you, Jesus.  Prayer partners are a great shield from the enemy’s darts. Prayer partners help bring the glory down.  They help salvage lives.


3.  The “Whosoever will” Gospel!

Thank you, Jesus. I wasn’t left out because as a young child, I was the 3rd daughter of the Gus Pearson Family, I was included too.  Remember that wonderful gospel song in the hymnbook, “He Included Me”?  That’s shouting ground.


4.  Gospel Music!

Thank you, Jesus. The Scripture teaches that battles are won through praise; through singing.


2 Chronicles 20:21,22. “And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed singers unto the Lord…..and when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushments against the children of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, which were come against Judah; and they were smitten…”



5.  Christian Family And Friends!

Thank you, Jesus, for Charles, Chuck, and Micki and their families. And this is a good time to say “Happy Birthday” to Charles.  He’s an October baby, born on the 13th.  A Christian Family is a blessing…warm and fuzzy. I love my family.  And I love Christian Friends; they are another gift the Father bestows upon us.  We really need each other as we walk through the ups and downs of life.  Bless my natural birth family; my personal family, and bless my Christian friends. 


What a mighty God we serve. 


Thank you, JESUS!  









Blog 285 for October 1, 2022






A small community of individual condos, a canal, and a multitude of wings, fish, gators, and beautiful trees comprise God’s creation at our place.  Among the families nestled here are friendly and neighborly people.  We’ve lived here for about 20 years.

We see all sorts of birds and several gators each year.  We’ve seen such beauties as the Roseate Spoonbill, the Great Blue Heron, Bald Eagles, Ducks and Geese, the Mallard, Owls, Hawks, and many more that I can’t even name.

Bodies of water and fish bring out the fishermen. Our neighbor, Kevin, fishes almost every day

and catches a lot but always throws them back in.  A few other men and even some small families, especially fathers and sons, come sometimes and fish in the canal.

And then there are GATORS, some big, some small. It really is exciting to see the gators.  Of course, it could be frightful, if we were too close.  Through the years we have seen many, and have many stories we could tell; like the day Micki and family came for a visit.  She walked in the front door, looking toward the Florida room, and saw a gator walking across our backyard.  Another time, soon after we moved here and we had a rod and reel, Charles went out to attempt to fish. (He’s not really a fisherman; doesn’t like it, though he fished for men most of his life as a Pastor.) As Charles was fishing, he suddenly knew he had caught something.  Guess what?  You guessed it. He had caught a small alligator. The solution for us was to cut the line, which he did.

There are other stories like the alligator that was in front of our neighbor’s front door.  Still other stories, like dogs barking at the alligators, and even jumping in the water. Not only do gators glide down the canal, but they recline on the banks, sunning themselves.  We’ve seen big ones and small ones. Once a huge gator was lying on the grass just outside our dining room window.  When the gator saw me looking out the window, it jumped in the water quickly. He made a good choice.

Here in Creekwood, we have many beautiful, big, old, oak trees. Nothing like experiencing the shade from these oak trees on a hot Florida day. Needless to say, we enjoy living here and thank God for His beautiful creation.  God is so good. He is worthy to be praised.

May we all soar on wings like eagles. Isaiah 40:31. 








Blog 284 for September 24, 2022




Stuck on what?  Well, those letters with prayer requests I wrote to Jesus way back in 2015.  As I am going back and reading them I have discovered several big PA signs…which mean Prayers Answered.  What a time of rejoicing, and a time of thanking God for His faithfulness. A song is coming to me…”Oh, how marvelous, Oh, how wonderful is my Savior’s love for me.” Isn’t that just like our Lord? So, praise God for your PAs.


So, remember that there is no mountain high enough, no valley deep enough to keep us from the precious love of God. The devil can’t remove hope from us.  God is our hope. God hears our prayers.  And God always answers our prayers. So, praise God for your PAs.


There’s not a problem too great but what Jesus can fix it for us.  I read this statement recently…which fits well right here.  “Trust in the night brings treasure in the light.” Or, we could say it this way. Trust in the dark brings triumph at dawn. So, praise God for your PAs.


Remember, Jesus is always there. He’s ready to help you. He answers prayers! Just keep on praying until light breaks through.  HE WILL ANSWER YOU! So, don’t forget to praise God for your PAs.                











Blog 283 for September 17, 2022




“Precious LORD, I come humbly before you with Biblical boldness, asking/making my requests known to you…..”  Today, I want to share more of last week’s blog from that June 2015 letter to Jesus.


“You said" (meaning, GOD said), “You do not have, because you do not ask God.” James 4:2,3. You said, “Ask me for anything in my Name and I will do it.” John 14:14; John 16:23. You said, “Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you will honor me.” Psalm 50:15. You said, “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have it and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24. You said, “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” James 5:16. You said, “Always pray and not give up.” Luke 18:1. You said, “Pray in secret and our Father will reward openly.” Matthew 6:6. You said, “Pray that you fall not into temptation.” Luke 22:40.  You said, “Your prayer has been heard.” Luke 1:13.  You said, “For He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23. 


And even these did not complete all the promises of God in my June 2015 letter to Jesus. Do we realize the greatness of our God?  Do we know how precious HE is? Do we remember all the many times HE has shown us great and mighty things?  Our God is awesome, and greatly to be praised.  Thank you, Jesus, for Your great sacrifice, and our redemption.  Thank you, God, for Your mighty love.  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for being our Helper; walking our journey with us. 


“Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above ye heavenly host. Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.”                                                        










Blog 282 for September 10, 2022




Don’t you just love to get letters or cards from sweet friends and dear family?  I do.  And how blessed I’ve been over my many years, to have received many of these encouraging and loving words.  Thank you one and all.


Years ago, at a certain point in my life, I began writing letters to Jesus during my devotional time.  In this blog, I’m going to share a part of one of them, written in 2015.  It’s good for my soul and spirit even today in 2022, as it was in June 2015.  Hope it helps you as well.


“Good morning, dear Lord. What exciting new things are in store for me today?  I love you, Lord. I come to you in reverence and honor. I thank you for our relationship (my Father, my God, my Friend).  I thank you for your Word because it is powerful. It is encouraging. It is helpful. It gives me hope. It is life-changing.  You said, “Come unto Me." Matthew 11:28; You said, “Call unto Me and I will answer.” Psalm 91:15; Psalm 50:15; Psalm 34:6; Jerimiah 33:3; You said, “Ask and you shall receive.” John 16:23,24; Matthew 7:7.  You said, “Pray, believing.” Mark 11:24. You said, “In everything, by prayer and petition, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6; You said, “Lift up holy hands in prayer.” I Timothy 2:8."


And on and on that 2015 letter to Jesus goes, reminding me of the great promises of God; encouraging me.  I will continue this 2015 letter in my next blog.  Be encouraged by God’s Word. Be confident. Stand on HIS promises.    












Blog 281 for September 3, 2022





My sister is three years older than I am.  She lives alone in our hometown of Houston, Mississippi. As we all face challenges each day, so does she.  I have not seen her in 3 or more years.  We used to go see her once a year. So, since it’s about time or way past time to see her, our hearts have turned toward a visit to my dear sister. Our plans are for the Labor Day weekend.  Please pray for our safety in travel, both going and coming back home.


Let me introduce you to a life well lived…to my precious sister, Gwendolyn.  She has prepared well for another world…Heaven. Each day that passes brings her closer to her eternal home.


In my family, there were 4 children, Gwendolyn, Mildred, Bess, and Fred. Mildred has already arrived at her eternal home; already made her entrance into God’s Heaven. What a spiritual heritage we all have had.  Thanks to our dear parents…and their parents…and as far back as their spiritually minded ancestors are.  While this blog is a tribute to all my spiritually minded family, it is especially written to honor my sister, Gwendolyn. From a very young age, Gwendolyn faithfully followed her parental spiritual teaching.  Throughout her teen and adult life, she has been faithful to the spiritual heritage and scriptural teachings of her (our) little Nazarene Church.  Charles and I were married there.


Gwen is a true believer.  She attended Trevecca Nazarene University and received her Master’s degree at George Peabody University in Nashville, TN.  She has received many honors throughout her life. She has been a Math teacher by profession. Gwendolyn even taught Math as a missionary/teacher in Manzoni, Swaziland, Africa. Her home reflects Africa with the artifact and all the pictures, etc. from her time in Africa.


Even in these older years, she is still faithful to her Lord.  She serves in her church in multiple ways. She remains on the responsibility list for music in the church service once a month. (I’m sorry to inform you, my readers, that in my older years, it seems that I have lost my singing voice.) But my Sis has not. Her heart bleeds for Compassionate Ministries in the Nazarene Church.


Gwendolyn has received many accolades along her life journey. Her love includes her Lord, her family, church, and friends.  She’s a Republican. She’s a Trump supporter.  What can I say…She’s a unique individual.  As she faces all the challenges of old age, I pray for her daily. I love her so much.  Glad you have had the chance to know a little about her.         



P.S. My wonderful Mother, residing in Heaven, has a birthday in September. So I want to wish her a glorious day in Heaven…and tell her and Daddy that I’ll be there soon.  I’m certainly on my way.


And my precious sister-in-law, living in Jonesboro, Arkansas, has a birthday in September. So Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, dear One!