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Blog 304 for February 4, 2023







At the beginning of the second month in 2023, I have been thanking my Lord for two great ministry friends. Both of them have given evidence of my ministry in their ministry through the years. Jay Ahlemann and Wayne Byrum are the two ministers. Jay’s ministry, through the years, has been centered in Virginia and Wayne’s in Michigan. Jay will tell you that he learned how to do outreach ministry from me. Wayne will tell you that he learned how to be an effective Christian, a dedicated pastor, and a preacher from me. 


For over twenty-five years Jay was the pastor of Christian Fellowship Church in the greater Washington D. C. area, with over 3,000 people attending worship every Sunday. Jay also birthed Restoration Fellowship Church, the church with three crosses and three large flags on their church property on Interstate 81 in Strasburg, Virginia; and he helped birth a satellite RFC church in Lakeland, Florida. He also served First Nazarene Church in Pasadena, California, restoring it to over 2,000. All records in membership were broken during his tenure.


Wayne blossomed in ministry in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Lubbock, Texas, where Wayne helped me in ministry and all records were broken.  Presently he is serving in Michigan.  He is one of many ministers on staff at a large conservative Presbyterian Church, where 2000 or more people attend. Wayne is  a counselor and preacher. He has a heart for the souls of men. 


Both of these men have followed me in their ministry through the years. Jay has followed me as senior pastor in two of my churches. He took both of these churches to higher heights. Wayne has served in two of my churches as associate pastor. It goes without saying that both of these men continue to impact a tremendous number of people.  


I am blessed to know that in a certain way, my ministry is still being carried out by these two great men, my friends. And it is fun to be on the same team!


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Blog 304 for February 4, 2023







You may know or may not have known that I love music, both instrumental and vocal.  Well, Charles and I have had two days of “good ole gospel” music.  Some time ago, we booked a hotel in the Wimauma, FL, area for two nights, as we were planning for the first time to go to the Winter Gospel Music Convention.  



In years passed, many of our Lake Gibson Nazarene Church congregation went yearly to Bill Bailey’s Gospel Music Convention. Those who went just loved the convention, all those gospel singers, and reuniting with lots of gospel music friends.


Now we, Charles and Bess, can say that personally.  We’ve just been there.  We loved and greatly enjoyed this gospel music.  We loved seeing and visiting with the singers. We loved seeing folks we hadn’t seen since we retired five years ago.  Thank God for that opportunity.


If this was so good; if Darrel’s church choirs are always so good; what’s it going to be like when we all get to Heaven?  I’m signing up now for a seat in the Celestial Choir.  Count me joyfully singing and praising Jesus for Calvary and Resurrection Day!


I stand redeemed by the blood of the Lamb slain.  You too can be redeemed.  Why don't you talk to Jesus today?  Confess your sins; repent of your sins; and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved!  And now, WELCOME to the Family of God!




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