Blog 157 for April 4, 2020





Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday and runs through Easter Sunday. It goes without saying, this Holy Week is unlike all others in my lifetime due to COVID - 19. It really is a wonderful time to consider The Riches of Spirituality.


There are many highlights on a tour of the Holy Land. One of these is the Palm Sunday walk from Mount Olivet to the Garden of Gethsemane. It has been my privilege to take that walk 10 times. It is a transforming experience! I believe our Lord illustrated the riches of spirituality when He took that walk. He had two choices: one led to an earthly kingdom and throne as Matthew’s gospel describes it in Matthew 21, and the other led to an eternal heavenly home and throne. One was a low road and the other was a high road that included you and me. Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter is an incredible and glorious time for the family of our Lord to celebrate!


The wise man Solomon has a tremendous word for us in these days of spiritual decline. The first thirteen verses of Proverbs chapter four are inspired by the Holy Spirit to give us the riches of spirituality. As we review some of these riches that are given to the people who have made their souls the guestroom of spiritual religion, we can see they will be transforming if we apply them to our personal lives. Without a doubt, they are keys to a revival that is urgently needed in the Church of these last days. 


Solomon says in verse 6 “Love her and she will keep you.” Without a doubt, spirituality is to be my true defense. All other ramparts are vulnerable. They are the happy hunting-ground of the ravages of time; they fail in the crisis; they are the sure victims of moth and rust. But spirituality keeps me from childhood to age, and its shields are invincible, even in the hour of death. Solomon says, “She will preserve you.”


In verse 8 Solomon says, “Exalt her, and she will promote you.” It really is great to know that she will lead me in the paths of progress. Every day she will lead me to new conquests, and in constantly enriching character I shall move towards life’s appointed goal. The holiness of heart and life is the only success worth having. Other successes are like lamps whose trembling flames are blown out in the first gusty, stormy night. “But the path of the just is as a shining light that shines more and more even unto the perfect day.”


To highlight the benefits of the riches of spirituality Solomon says in verse 9 “She will place on your head an ornament of grace.” Yes, and her adornments are always beautiful! No beauty ever steals into the human face comparable with the delicate presence of spirituality. It makes plain features lovely and transfigures them with the glory of the Lord.


Dear Lord, help us to experience the riches of spirituality now more than ever!


Charles Kirby


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Blog 157 for April 4, 2020


It’s PALM SUNDAY, April 5, 2020;


There’s excitement in the streets of Jerusalem!


One can just imagine tourism’s “high season” during Palm Sunday, Easter, and the Passover in the HOLY LAND.  Old Jerusalem’s roads teem with a multitude of people from all over the world. And a big host of them is on that narrow street, the Via Dolorosa.  People are everywhere, in alleys, around market stalls, spying a bargain, taking photos, just following the crowd, getting caught up in this wonderful season of the year.


People’s desire to walk in Jesus’ footsteps is fulfilled as the streets have changed very little since His time.  Jerusalem fills with people from all nations and religions. Individuals take hold of what they can by sight and sound and, in their mind, heart, and spirit, they worship because they know that they may not pass this way again.  No doubt, you can sense the excitement in Jerusalem’s streets. Please pause here. Get the Spirit yourself as you listen to the YouTube of Larry Ford singing “The Holy City” with the Gaither group while they were in the Holy Land seven years ago.  WOW!


Contemplate what Jesus did for us, the price He paid, as we go through Holy Week.   




 Bess Kirby




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