Blog 205 for March 6, 2021




Here we are starting the third month in 2021. It really is true, time waits for no one. I have heard it said through the years, the older you get the faster time will fly. Looking back, that statement never did impact my life. As a matter of fact, I really did discard it and refused to believe it. Time has made a change in me. Now I believe it, and am a believer! I have come to believe that senior citizens are not the only ones that are amazed at the fast passing of time. I have done a test on all ages, and have found that everyone is in agreement. Time really is on a fast track and waits for no one. Do you remember how slow time passed from Christmas to Christmas each year? What happened to time back then? I am sure you will agree with me when I say, it seemed like a lifetime. 


Lately, I have been reliving my 56 years as a pastor. My shortest pastoral assignment was in my first year and was for only one year. My longest was for 19 years. That first year was like a vapor. Our son Chuck was a brand new baby and Bess taught high school English. It really was a blur. I really did not realize it then, but the Lord had plans for my ministry to be one of restoration and rebuilding. Every church from California to Virginia and from Texas to Indiana, and states in between, was an assignment to rebuild and restore. As a result, the years have been times of building buildings and buying properties. Between Sundays, I have traveled across America and Canada motivating pastors and challenging churches in church growth. All along the exciting pastoral journey, I did not realize it then, but my 56 years were moving at a fast pace and time was waiting for no man! Here I am today looking back on the years God gave to me to pastor growing churches and establish wonderful friendships across the land. I really am a blessed man! It goes without saying, Bess has been a key factor in all the church growth we have experienced through the years and the honors we have received! 


We have one more move we are planning to take and that could happen at any time. As a matter of fact, we are talking about it often...every day in our morning devotionals. We are saying with the great Apostle, “Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus” to receive your Church to your heavenly home. What a glorious day that is going to be! Without one doubt, that is going to be the most exciting trip we have ever taken! That is going to be the best way to get us and our nation out of the most difficult time we are experiencing at this time in American history!



It really is a fact, Time Waits For No Man! Are you ready for Jesus to come?


Charles Kirby




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Blog 205 for March 6, 2021 





...let others go to war and fight the serious battles going on in the U.S. Congress? Are you one who never contacts our Senators and Representatives to give them your opinion concerning an upcoming vote in Congress?  Lest you think I have faithfully done those things, let me confess that I have at times let others fight the good fight, those battles in the Halls of Congress.  BUT it is “high” time we ALL joined the army.  It’s time to get a list of our U.S. Senators and Representatives.  Give them a phone call, email, or text message as to how you want them to vote on a particular issue.


Coming up soon is the U.S. Senate vote on the Equality Act.  The name of the bill may sound good, but should you read and understand it, it is not; so the vote should be “NO."


Reading after Rev. Franklin Graham will enlighten you as to why and how to find out who your State Senators and Representatives are. Also, their phone numbers are available.  According to Rev. Graham, there are seven radical demands in this act.


  1. The bill would end the federal legal recognition of complementary male and female sex, in favor of gender identity.

  2. The bill would eliminate the traditional right to privacy of women and girls in public facilities in favor of gender identity.

  3. The bill would eviscerate women’s and girls' sports.

  4. The bill would be used to mandate school curricula that affirm and promote sexual orientation and gender identity views.

  5. The bill would be used to remove custody rights from parents who refuse to have their minor children undergo transgender medical interventions and procedures.

  6. Since the Equality Act (the bill) exempts itself from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, religious schools, hospitals, and adoption agencies could face federal sanctions for upholding their teachings with regard to life, sexuality, and marriage under the legislation. 

  7. The bill’s text that name a form of “discrimination on the basis of pregnancy” would be used to punish healthcare providers who refuse to perform an abortion or to outlaw policies that ban funding for the procedure.


So, get the whole armor of God on, and call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on the Equality Act.  Our Florida Senators and their phone numbers are Marco Rubio - ph. 1-202-224-3041 and Rick Scott - ph. 1-202-224-5274.  Also, tell them to block the nominations of Becerra and Levin as Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Dept. of Health and Human Services. 


I love America. I want America to return to God. Join Charles and me in prayer for our country.  Enjoy, “God Bless America” by Lee Greenwood on a YouTube video.  





 Bess Kirby




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